Tracking Your Job Search Networking

Once you become comfortable with networking, you will be amazed at the number of people you are speaking with on a regular basis. It’s crucial to keep an organized list of all your job search networking. Whether you’re more comfortable with electronic tracking or a simple small spiral notebook, the important thing is to faithfully record and follow-up. I’ve borrowed from the 5 big Ws of Journalism and reporting (and added an extra H) to simplify.

  1. WHO – Job Search Networking
    • You spoke to
    • Else they referred you to
  2. WHAT – Tracking
    • You talked about
    • They need from you résumé, business card, references, work samples, tips, etc.
    • Their company’s business hiring needs are; or those of someone they know
  3. WHERE – Tracking
    • You will meet them
    • You should send any requested information (and thank-you notes)
  4. WHY- Tracking
    • You should keep in contact with them
    • They are a valuable contact
  5. WHEN- Job Search Networking
    • You will meet with them
    • You should call (or email, contact via Internet etc.) them again for follow-up
  6. HOW- Job Search Networking
    • You can make sure they remember you
    • You can use the information they provided you with

It takes effort to cultivate your job search network. People really are usually willing to help. Most importantly though, it starts with you being willing to help yourself. Due diligence in tracking may be the difference in landing that dream job.

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