Top Networking Apps: Connect with Success

From virtual coffee chats to industry-specific forums, these networking apps can help boost your career connections.

Clubhouse, MeetUp, Lunchclub, Bizzabo, Fishbowl, Shapr – oh my – with so many professional networking apps available, where does one begin?  I mean, from LinkedIn to Bumble Bizz, these apps make connecting with professionals just a swipe away. So why the confusion?

You have come to the right place if you want clear direction on the top professional networking apps in 2023. So fear not; your career is about to soar as you collaborate, connect, and succeed.

You are not alone if you need clarification about what networking is. Networking, by definition, is a mutually beneficial interaction that involves exchanging ideas and information between individuals connected by a common career, industry, or interest. In short, building relationships.

Importance of Networking

I feel it is essential to understand the importance of networking before we venture into some of the top professional sites. Professional networking is vital to your career growth for the following reasons:

  1. Referrals – If you are looking for a new position or role in your current company, having someone refer you is invaluable. Thirty-one percent of job seekers find listings through professional connections, especially referrals. By networking, you can access new opportunities you otherwise would have missed.
  1. Collaboration – Exposure to new ideas and ways others do business in your field motivates and sets you apart. Brainstorming with others can get the gears moving to some fresh and creative ideas. This is truly the heart of networking.
  1. High-level contacts – Enjoying coffee with an executive manager you respect would probably never happen without attending a networking event. These senior members can be great mentors and help you grow your career. Be sure to leverage this contact for your next job opportunity.
  1. Builds confidence – If walking into a room full of strangers makes you nervous, I hear you! Networking is a great way to build your confidence, however. If you share common interests with a new acquaintance, your self-esteem will rise, and you will begin to relax.
  1. Expands your presence – Exchanging your ideas and thoughts with others and listening to theirs gives you tracking in becoming a thought leader in your profession.

Now that you better understand the importance of professional networking let’s explore some of the top-rated apps for your smartphone or laptop. If you are shy, these may be less intimidating for you.

  1. Clubhouse

Users can create new audio conversations and join existing ones on topics of interest through an interactive audio platform. In this very popular networking app, users can participate in virtual events, panel discussions, and conversations with other users.

  1. Meetup 

Meetup might be great for you if you prefer to connect with like-minded professionals in your local area. Collaboration, workshops, and seminars will be offered, and business opportunities may arise. Each group is started by an “organizer” and run by them. You can start your own group if you cannot find one that piques your interest.

  1. Eventbrite

If event management is what you are seeking, look no further. Networking at events allows you to connect with organizers and other attendees who join your network. As an organizer, you can network with attendees who may become clients, customers, partners, or connections.

  1. Facebook

A large social networking site that facilitates networking. For professional networking purposes, go to the group section and key in the search bar what interests you. If the group appears advantageous for you, feel free to join. Also, participate in group discussions because this is how you will begin connecting with people.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site. LinkedIn has more than 800 million members in 200 countries, allowing you to connect with a wealth of professionals. Whether you are looking for work, researching a company, or seeking connections, this app has it all. Once you establish your profile, you can create and share information based on your experience and skills.

  1. Contacts+

This fantastic app consolidates contacts across different platforms, sources, and email accounts into a single address book. It grabs a piece of contact information, such as an email address, and provides a more extensive profile. Another feature of this app allows you to scan a business card and store all the information on the card in your contacts.

  1. Bumble Bizz

This is a spin-off of a dating app from 2014. In 2017, the creators wanted to help women “clear up the gray areas in networking that often make women feel uncomfortable.” Using it is as easy as uploading photos, filling out your bio, and swiping. You’ll only be matched with people in the vicinity. Networking and advice are the app’s primary functions, not job hunting or recruiting. If you’re looking for work right away, know that this is not the app for you.

  1. Bizzabo

With virtual or in-person conferences, town halls, and summits, you’ll have the opportunity to meet new people and develop professional relationships. This is designed for event organizers. Your event can be managed using Bizzabo, whose tools include ticketing, registration, agenda-making, and detailed analytics.

The list of great professional networking apps grows daily, so you should be able to find one or two that fit your needs. This is a partial list, but it gives you a jump start into the world of networking with an app.


The temptation is to read through the list above, install one or more, and then allow them to just sit on your phone or laptop. Networking takes more than this; most importantly, it takes patience and continued effort.

Therefore, I challenge you to go to the list above, pick one (or choose your own), and install the app on your mobile phone. Go to the website of your selected app and create your profile. Introduce yourself and then begin connecting and engaging with others through video chats or threads and see what happens. Give it a fair chance to help you in your career. 

You never know what great opportunity may be right around the corner!

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