Get Your Career Kick Started With These Top Pro Networking Sites

Does your career fulfill you? Is your dream of success becoming a reality? Hopefully, so, but if you need that boost or are still trying to figure out where to start, keep reading. A successful networking strategy is one of the key tools in your professional arsenal, and you can use several top networking sites to do just that.

First things first, however. Let’s determine why using a networking site benefits your career growth. 

  • Using a professional networking site can enhance your career prospects and help you land new jobs and business opportunities for a more lucrative income
  • If you use networking to find a job, you can also gain advice on succeeding in your current position
  • Promoting your skills and experience through networking sites may be advantageous if you are in the job market

As a professional, it is essential to build relationships with other professionals. So, let me turn your attention to the ten best professional networking websites today to assist you in your career advancement:

1. LinkedIn – Starting with the king of online networking sites. Over 610 million LinkedIn users reside in over 200 countries and territories worldwide, making it the largest of these sites. For many companies, if you’re not on LinkedIn, you don’t exist. The good news is that it’s simple to get started. Here are some basics:

  • Create a 100 % complete profile that genuinely sells your value
  • Connect with at least one hundred like-minded professionals
  • View the topics on the Answers link and respond to questions in your area of knowledge by clicking on the Answers link – this will showcase your expertise
  • Join some groups, such as former employers, professional associations, and school alums and reach out to individuals within those groups

2. Xing – This professional networking website is similar to LinkedIn, where you can share ideas and network with people in your field. Using this platform, you can also find local business events you want to attend to meet like-minded people and become involved.

There are over 200 countries in which Xing is used, although it is more widely known in Europe. Benefits include:

  • Providing a close eye on industry news and identifying relevant seminars, conferences, and trade shows
  • Ability to research companies, post jobs, and search for jobs

3. Meetup – This is a cool platform for finding meetups. Register, and then mark your interests. The site will notify you of any meetups which match your interests. (In this scenario, we are talking about professional working interests). If none exist, you can create one! Meetup will then notify like-minded members about your new group. For instance:

  • You can find people to grow a business with and connect with potential business partners through Meetup
  • Creating your group allows you to meet and share interests with others – you can also chat online with them

4. Shapr – Although it doesn’t allow you to publish, join groups, or organize events, it has a home for your resume. You can customize your settings and add the people you value by tagging them. One main feature:

  • Direct Messaging (DM) lets you talk one-on-one with anyone you choose

5. Facebook – Not just for social purposes.  Facebook is an excellent way to join groups of similar interests. The groups and communities you follow allow you to participate in discussions and events. For example:

  • Getting real-time responses from other members is possible via Messenger and Facebook Chat as you communicate with them about diverse topics
  • By expressing valuable insight and helping other members, you can contribute to your group or community. Other members can recognize your work with virtual awards.

6. Twitter – Twitter communities abound! Not only for socialization but many great professional connections have been formed on Twitter. Additionally, they are open, free, and active and can provide great support. New members can always join to share ideas or lend support. Plus, it can be fun to swap ideas. Use Twitter to:

  • Boost your brand’s viral potential by promoting it and getting the word out
  • Enhance your customer engagement by connecting directly with your customers

7. Zip Recruiter – Let’s not forget Zip when discussing professional networking sites. This is a fantastic platform for finding open positions. Plus, they will email your selections to you daily or as frequently as you prefer. How?

  • Set up a detailed profile
  • Upload a resume
  • Search for opportunities
  • Apply with a single click

NOTE: Additional information may be required of you by the company you are applying to. Sometimes, you may be asked to submit a formal application, answer questions, provide work samples, and specify your work experience.

8. BoardEx A total of 1.5 million corporate leaders worldwide are featured in BoardEx, revealing their relationships and achievements. There is information about each employee’s education, significant accomplishments, past and present employers, position on the issue, work history, compensation, incentives, and performance bonuses.

Sounds great, but what does this have to do with professional networking? Glad you asked because this site:

  • Provides referrals to the “right” folks
  • Use your best contacts’ connections to your advantage
  • View a contact’s top relationships, including current & former colleagues, classmates, and associates

9. My Opportunity – In Opportunity, professional matchmaking connects people based on their needs. A job seeker or employer can use it. There is no effort required of job seekers. Here is how it works:

  • By listening for indications from their target market, users can be notified when the products they offer are in demand
  • A relevant employment opportunity can also be reported to job seekers
  • The system allows professionals to find other professionals based on their preferences

Its unique algorithms connect individuals with the best employment, networking, sales, and professional relationships by identifying their needs and location.

10. Jobcase – This site provides millions of job opportunities in many fields worldwide. (even remote opportunities) What you need to do:

  • Build your profile
  • Peruse the job bank listings
  • Join the Jobcase community to learn more, find like-minded people, and get answers to your questions.

Community members can also help when you feel trapped, unemployed, or overwhelmed.

Developing lasting relationships with your network is a lifelong activity. When seeking new employment, you can leverage your network to assist you. Using the professional networking sites described in this article, you can advance your career and fulfill your potential. Remember, It isn’t just what you know, and it isn’t just who you know. It’s actually who you know, who knows you.

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