Career Milestones: A Top 10 List

Career Milestones

Consider the benefits of  Career Milestones and looking back.  A trip down memory lane can add momentum for the miles ahead. Those milestones and meaningful moments will give you some good memories and momentum for the miles ahead.

Career Milestones:  The Top 10

A trip down memory lane can add momentum for the miles ahead. Consider the benefits of Career Milestones and looking back. Those milestones and meaningful moments will give you some good memories and momentum for the miles ahead.

Here are 10 Career Milestones, items that may give you cause for celebration

  • Accomplishments
    What have you accomplished in your career that you are most proud of? Momentum is a byproduct of accomplishments. Look to your accomplishments – big or small – to see where you’ve made progress and built momentum. What beliefs or behaviors did you put in place that allowed you to accomplish these accomplishments?
  • Improvements
    What improvements or opportunities have you capitalized on? Perhaps you committed to doing things a little differently. What caused you to want to change? How have these changes benefited you?
  • Insights
    What insights have you gained about your career-life? Learning and growth stem from being aware of thoughts and behaviors. What are you aware of today about yourself or your career-life that you weren’t aware of in the past? How will you use those insights to your benefit?
  • People
    Who made the most positive impact on your career? We are inextricably connected to others, whether from working on a team, being coached or mentored, taking a class from an industry leader, reading inspirational material by your favorite author, etc. After you identify that person (s) in your life that positively impacted you, think about what you can do to allow something similar to happen in the future.
  • Impacts
    What positive impact have you made on others? Consider the benefits you have brought to your boss, coworkers, colleagues, vendors, or customers. There is great satisfaction in knowing that you have had an impact on others.
  • Courage
    How have you shown courage? Merriam-Webster defines courage as “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear or difficulty.” What or who was in place that enabled you to act courageously? How can you leverage that courage to face new challenges?
  • Value
    How did you add value to your career? Maybe you’ve added a new skill to your toolbox or learned new communication or time management techniques. How has your employer (or clients) benefited from this value?
  • Disappointments
    Disappointments are an unavoidable part of life. What was disappointing to you? You can make this a milestone by putting systems in place so that you don’t repeat it in the future. Who can help hold you accountable?
  • Gratitude
    What are you most grateful for in your career? An attitude of gratitude can be one of the most powerful success tools you possess. Rather than focusing on what’s wrong, focus on what’s right. It takes just as much energy to focus on the positives as it does the negatives””it’s a matter of choice!
  • Success
    What’s your definition of success? People define career success in a number of ways. In the end, the definitions seem to boil down to doing what’s important to you while bringing value to others. In your work, how have you done what’s important to you? If at the end of each day you can point to some activity that was important to you and brought value to others, you can consider yourself a success. Now that’s empowering!

Enjoy your trip down memory lane – and may the miles ahead be filled with great views, good company, and more meaningful Career Milestones.


Source:  Career Coach Academy