Growing up as the daughter of an Air Force officer, my family moved frequently, giving me real-time practical experience at an early age of what it means to “adapt” to new cultures.

My personal history has been sprinkled with Forrest Gump-type experiences – Martin Luther King’s march in Montgomery, hospital assistance in the Philippines during the Vietnam conflict, friendships that landed me in the homes of General William Westmoreland, Governor George Wallace, and record-setting pilot, Chuck Yaeger and more.

Little did I know at the time how the exposure to different cultures and communication styles would enrich the services I offer my clients today.

My career advisors in college told me that with an English major, my best bet was to teach. Marrying my first-hand knowledge of living through relocations and all that accompanies “transitions,” plus questioning what “career path” to take, benefits the clientele I serve today. They don’t just get exceptional resumes or even job search strategies – they get a career guide and personal transformation.

In addition to a degree in English and Communications, I’ve now had 30+ years experience in career consulting. I’ve performed Human Resources practices at every level in multiple industries and have been honored with top industry awards in resume writing. I hold multiple resume writing certifications including Certified Master Resume Writer and Certified Executive Resume Writer. To round out my full-spectrum career search menu of services, my expertise includes credentials as Certified Career Management Coach (CCMC), Certified Job Strategist (CJSS), Certified Leadership and Talent Management Coach (CLTMC) and former Professional in Human Resources® (PHR). My job-topic writing has appeared in over 15 career publications, syndicated columns and Resumes for Dummies and Job Search Letters for Dummies (both John Wiley and Sons).

Search Online for Recruiters

Search Online for Recruiters

During the COVID-19 health crisis, many if not most are conducting their job searches from home. Using software technology can

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