Your Guide on How to Get a Job at Walmart Today

how to get a job at walmart

Hello and welcome to your go-to guide for securing a job at Walmart! Perhaps you are just starting your job search, or maybe you’ve been on the hunt for a while. No matter what stage you’re at, this guide is here to offer you insights, tips, and encouragement for targeting the largest private employer in the world – Walmart.

In an ever-changing job market, it’s invaluable to keep an open mind about your career possibilities. And when it comes to possibilities, few employers offer as many as Walmart. With over 2.3 million employees spread across more than 10,000 stores worldwide, this multinational retail corporation is a force to be reckoned with.

The beauty of Walmart’s vastness is that it offers a trove of opportunities, from entry-level in-store positions like cashiers, sales associates, and greeters to roles in distribution and transportation like logistics and truck drivers. 

Join me as we delve deeper into what it takes to become a part of team Walmart. I’m here to guide you through the process, step-by-step.

Job Opportunities Offered by Walmart

As an aspiring applicant, it’s important to understand the potential job opportunities that exist within any company, and especially within a global leader such as Walmart. Walmart is about more than just retail; it offers varied and nuanced job roles designed to cater to diverse talents and skill sets.

At Walmart, positions range from in-store to corporate and logistics roles, each one helping keep Walmart running smoothly. Here’s a guide to the different positions you can apply for at this retail giant.

In-Store Roles

As the largest employer globally, they offer myriad positions in their various store departments – from cashiering and customer service roles, which require a friendly demeanor and attention to detail, to stockroom and unloading positions that demand a level of physical fitness and organizational skills. 

Management roles, such as supervisory and assistant manager positions, cater to those with leadership prowess and strategic thinking abilities.

Corporate Roles

Beyond the storefront, there are lots of opportunities that you might not immediately think of. Walmart’s corporate division, for example, houses a range of roles in divisions like finance, marketing, human resources, and real estate. These positions often require more specialized qualifications and experience.

E-Commerce Roles

Walmart’s footprint also extends into the sphere of e-commerce, thanks to its digital marketplace that runs parallel to traditional retail operations. Position availability ranges from IT professionals and software engineers looking to maintain the robust functionality of Walmart’s online platforms to digital marketing strategists primed to boost Walmart’s virtual presence.


For those interested in logistics, there are positions within Walmart’s expansive supply chain – just think about it, thousands of products need to make it from suppliers to stores every single day! So roles exist in distribution, warehousing, and freight handling. And, of course, there’s the fleet of truck drivers who ensure that the goods get from A to B.

Requirements and Qualifications to Work at Walmart 

Ensuring you align with the requirements and necessary qualifications before applying is the first step to take when deciding to apply at Walmart.


For most entry-level positions, such as those in customer service and sales, there is no stringent demand for a specific level of educational qualification. 

These positions primarily required efficient communication skills and excellent customer service attitudes – no degree was needed, which was a relief for me as a job seeker new to the workforce.

However, when closely examining some more specialized roles, such as pharmacy associates or automotive technicians, I noted that additional, job-specific qualifications are required – for instance, a pharmacy associate needed to have a relevant certification, and automotive technicians needed to possess technical expertise. 

Age Requirement

Walmart is an equal opportunity employer and, in line with federal and state regulations, hires applicants who are at least sixteen years of age for various entry-level roles

For higher-level roles or those who deal with controlled substances, like pharmacy technicians, the minimum age requirement is eighteen.

Physical Capabilities

Certain positions demand physical capabilities too. For example, positions in product stocking or the loading and unloading department required the ability to lift a reasonable amount of weight.

Qualities Walmart Looks for in Its Employees

When it comes to building its team, Walmart values a specific set of characteristics. As one of the world’s largest retailers, the company is always on the lookout for individuals who not only meet the job qualifications but also exhibit certain personal qualities.

As a prospective Walmart employee, embodying these qualities could make you that much more appealing to hiring managers.

Here are some qualities Walmart tends to look for in its employees:

Strong Customer Focus

Walmart thrives on customer service. That’s the cornerstone of their business model. Whether you are a cashier, a stocker, or a department manager, each role requires a dedication to providing the best possible customer experience. 

The company seeks individuals who are friendly, helpful, and continuously eager to enhance customer satisfaction. For instance, a great sales associate would not only assist a customer in locating a product but would also provide advice, answer questions, and ensure the customer leaves the store with a positive impression.

Responsibility and Integrity

As an employee of Walmart, you are an ambassador of the brand. Being responsible and displaying integrity towards your work is crucial for them. This means doing what’s right, even when no one is watching. 

It covers everything from correctly pricing goods to treating both co-workers and customers with respect. 

Teamwork Skills

Being able to work harmoniously in a team is another vital quality Walmart seeks. Teamwork makes the work environment more productive and enjoyable. 

From coordinating with others in setting up displays to assisting fellow colleagues during busy hours, working well as part of a team is key to smooth operations at Walmart.


Walmart is a dynamic work environment. As such, they prefer individuals who can adapt to different situations quickly and effectively. 

For example, you might start your day as a cashier and end up helping in the inventory at the end of your shift. Adaptable employees are those who can successfully navigate and perform in diverse roles or environments.

The Application and Hiring Process at Walmart 

Navigating the application and hiring process can be one of the most daunting aspects of finding a job. Thankfully, Walmart’s process is straightforward and fairly simple.

Submit an Application

Walmart’s application process begins online via their careers portal or at in-person hiring events. Applicants are asked to create a profile and can upload a resume if they choose to, though it’s not a requirement. 

During this step, Walmart will also ask for information about your previous job history and any accomplishments or awards you have received in your career.

I’ll go into more detail about this step later on, but for now, just know that you need to start by submitting your application materials. 

Pre-Employment Assessment

This stage usually takes thirty minutes. The assessment measures various workplace competencies, such as your attitude toward work, your decision-making style, and your ability to collaborate with a team. 

One of the best ways to approach the assessment is, to be honest and be yourself. The goal is to ensure you are a good fit for the job and would thrive in the Walmart work environment.

Application Review

Your application will then be reviewed by a hiring manager or recruitment team. If your qualifications and preferences match an open position, you will likely be invited for an interview. 

This whole process varies in length based on the job and location but generally takes between a few days to a few weeks.


Interviews can take place over the phone, via video call, or in person, depending on the role and the current health and safety guidelines. During your interview, you can be asked a series of behavioral and situational questions. 

These are designed to understand your work attitude, personality, customer service skills, and problem-solving abilities better. Overcoming this critical stage can pave the way to obtaining a job at Walmart, pending a successful background check and a drug test. 

Job Orientation

The final step in the hiring process is job orientation. Orientation can be a rewarding time to learn more about Walmart’s values, work culture, and customer ethos, providing a solid foundation to begin your job successfully.

How to Apply for A Job at Walmart

Navigating the job market can be overwhelming, but applying for a position at Walmart is a fairly straightforward process. Here’s how you can go about it, whether you’re applying in-person or online.

Walmart Careers Website

This is your one-stop shop for all your Walmart job application needs. You can go beyond just browsing the available jobs. The site allows you to create a personal login and profile, which greatly simplifies the process. You can save your progress and revisit your application, update your career preferences, and even access some amazing resources like interview tips.

A unique feature of the Walmart application process is the pre-employment assessment. According to Walmart, these assessments help the company understand if you would be a right fit. They mainly test your retail and customer service knowledge, as well as your behaviors and attitudes. 

Remember, honesty in an application is always the best policy. Fill everything out to the best of your ability, and take your time with the assessment. Once you’re satisfied, submit your application.

Walmart Hiring Events

Applying via the career portal isn’t the only way you can secure a job at Walmart. Sometimes, Walmart stores host Hiring events. They are open to the public and are a brilliant opportunity to interface directly with managers. These generally hire on the spot for open positions, giving you the opportunity to bypass the online process.

Preparing for a Job Interview at Walmart

Successfully nabbing a job interview at Walmart is a fantastic step forward – congratulations! But once the initial excitement dies down, it’s crucial to start preparing to ensure you make the best impression possible. 

Don’t worry; I’m here to help guide you every step of the way.

Research the Job Role and the Company

By understanding the responsibilities and expectations of your prospective job, you can tailor your responses to highlight how your experiences and skills tie neatly into the listed job requirements. Simultaneously, familiarize yourself with Walmart’s history, values, and current initiatives. 

As one of the world’s largest retail corporations, Walmart places a strong emphasis on community and ethical business operations. Showcasing your knowledge in these areas could give you that much-needed edge over other candidates.

Be Ready for Behavioral-Based Questions

Expect to answer behavioral-based questions. Walmart, like many corporations, subscribes to the belief that your past behavior is the best indicator of your future conduct. To prepare, consider the acronym ‘STAR’ – Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

For example, interviewers may ask, “Tell me about a time when you had to handle an irate customer.” Using the STAR method, you could respond like this:  

  • Situation: “While working at a previous retail job, a customer became upset because an item they wanted was out of stock.”
  • Task: “My role was to ensure the customer felt heard and to find a suitable solution.”
  • Action: “I empathized with the customer’s disappointment, suggested alternative products, and also provided them information about when the item would be back in stock.”
  • Result: “The customer thanked me for my patience and assistance and decided to order the item and an additional product I recommended.”

Check Logistics

Functioning logistics are crucial for a smooth interview, so ensure you plan your route and arrive early. Physical presentation matters, too, so aim for a neat, clean appearance that walks the line between casual and business-casual attire. 

Remember, the principle of customer service reigns supreme at Walmart; let your punctuality, politeness, and enthusiasm demonstrate that you’re a perfect fit for the role.

Common Interview Questions at Walmart 

Navigating the interview process can often seem daunting. But fret not! Based on my research and countless interactions with successful applicants, I’ve discovered that Walmart asks certain common questions during their interviews. Preparing for these in advance can give you a significant advantage.

Remember, when answering these, the key is to be straightforward and honest. Plus, for behavioral interview questions, you can use the STAR Method that I mentioned earlier to really knock the question out of the park!

“Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for a customer.”

This is a classic question Walmart often asks. Walmart places enormous emphasis on customer service. They want to see proof that you value their customers as much as they do. When you tackle this question, make sure your story has a beginning, middle, and end, and include how the customer reacted and any feedback you received.

“Why do you want to work for Walmart?”

Simply put, they want to measure your interest in the company. While some may view this question as a formality, it’s really an opportunity to stand out. Show that you’ve done your homework on the company—mention something specific about Walmart’s culture, values, or initiatives that align with your own values and goals.

“Describe a time when you had to handle a difficult situation at work.”

This question aims to measure your problem-solving skills and professionalism. They want to see how you handle pressure and how you treat others in challenging situations. Discuss the situation, your response, and the outcome, and most importantly, what you learned from the experience.

“Can you describe a time when you had to multitask?”

Walmart is a busy place, and employees often juggle multiple responsibilities. They want to know if you can handle that. Detail a situation where you efficiently managed multiple tasks, ensuring you talk about how prioritizing and organization helped you to be successful.

Tips to Get Hired at Walmart 

Getting hired at Walmart, just like any other job, involves more than just submitting an application or performing well in a telephone interview. Here are a few tips that could significantly boost your chances of being hired.

Show Willingness to be Flexible

One of the attributes Walmart greatly values is flexibility. In the retail industry, work hours can vary significantly, so show them you’re open to working different shifts, whether it’s during the week, weekends, or during holidays. The ability to work during busy hours can make you stand out as an applicant.


If you know someone who works at Walmart, speaking to them can give you valuable insights about the kind of employees Walmart is looking for. Moreover, getting a personal recommendation from a current employee can get your foot in the door.

Showcase a Positive Attitude

Walmart is a very team-oriented workplace. During your interview, it’s crucial to show that you are a positive person who can work well in a team. My advice is to focus on how you have positively contributed to team successes in the past.

Exemplifying the Walmart Values

Lastly, if you really want to land a job at Walmart, you need to show them that you align with their values. For instance, if you’ve demonstrated respect for the individual, service to the customers, or strived for excellence in your previous jobs, highlight these instances in your interview

Average Salary and Benefits of a Walmart Employee

Securing a job at Walmart comes with its set of perks, one of which includes competitive salaries. The average compensation varies as it’s based on several factors, such as your job title, experience, and location. I’ll provide a few examples to give you an idea.  

  • Cashiers, for instance, commonly start at around $13 an hour, above the federal minimum wage. 
  • Department managers, however, earn a bit more, with their salary averaging around $35,000 a year. 
  • In an assistant store manager role, you could be looking at an annual salary of about $60,000
  • Those in a salaried managerial role, such as a store manager, can earn over $100,000 a year

Just remember, these rates can fluctuate quite a bit. So, you could be offered more or less as a starting wage when applying to work at Walmart.

Walmart Benefits

Beyond competitive pay, Walmart also offers significant benefits, making its compensation package even more attractive. Here are a couple of key benefits people enjoy when working at Walmart

Walmart 401(k) Plan

It’s an impressive setup where Walmart commits to match your contributions up to 6% of your salary. Imagine, that’s free money towards your retirement!  

Healthcare Benefits

The company provides a variety of medical plans, including vision and dental plans, life insurance, and an option for short-term and long-term disability insurance. Surprisingly, these health benefits even extend to part-time employees. 

Walmart Associate Discount Card

One unique benefit is the Walmart Associate Discount Card, which provides a 10% discount on fresh fruits, vegetables, and regularly priced merchandise at Walmart stores.

Education Benefits

Walmart offers its associates the chance to earn a high school diploma, GED, or an affordable path to a college degree through its Live Better U program. This initiative requires employees to contribute just $1 a day towards their education, and Walmart covers the rest.

Next Steps

From being a customer service associate in charge of maintaining the cheer in aisles to a store manager overseeing the daily operations of an entire store, the diversity in roles at Walmart is unparalleled.

Never underestimate the role that flexibility and a positive attitude play in securing a job here. Be clear with your schedule availability, show your enthusiastic commitment to customer service, and don’t hesitate to exhibit your team spirit. 

Navigating the job market can unquestionably be challenging – but keep in mind that with the right approach, tools, and mindset, you can tread on the path to your desired career destination, even if it happens to be at the world’s largest retailer! So gear up, apply these tips, and you might just be the next Walmart associate. 

If you need help polishing your resume and CV, I strongly recommend that you speak with our experienced team of career coaches for personalized advice. They’ll provide expert guidance so you can truly reflect your skills and potential, making your Walmart application stand out among the rest.

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