Tackling Teleperformance Interview Questions: Insider Tips

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Teleperformance, for those new to the name, is a prominent global leader in outsourced omnichannel customer experience management. It operates in 60 countries worldwide, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to get their foot in the door of the customer service industry. Plus, with an international presence, it’s a company that could allow unique travel opportunities.

Each interview process, whether that’s to get a job at Teleperformance or somewhere else, is an opportunity for self-discovery. It allows you to learn more about the company and its culture while also helping recruiters understand your skills, experience, and how you would fit in the team. As an aspiring candidate, understanding the ins and outs of the Teleperformance interview process will be vital to your success.

With that said, this guide dives into everything you need to know about the hiring process, from the types of questions they ask to how to prepare Let’s get started!

Understanding the Interview Process at Teleperformance

When you’re preparing for an interview at Teleperformance, the first thing to understand is the interview process. Having this knowledge will help you navigate the interview more effectively and increase your chances of success. 

In general, the interview process follows three steps: 

  1. Phone screen
  2. In-person interview
  3. Job Offer

Here’s a deeper look at each of these stages.

Step 1: Preliminary Phone Screening

The first step in the hiring process is traditionally a telephone interview. In this stage, they’re ensuring you have the basic qualifications for the position and getting an initial feel for your communication skills – this is critically important, as Teleperformance is a customer experience company, and communication is at the heart of everything they do.

Step 2: In-Person Interview

Sometimes, this may be done virtually, depending on your location and current global circumstances. It’s during this stage that you’ll have the opportunity to dig deeper into your skills, experiences, and how you align with the company’s values.

The interviews are usually conducted by the HR team, managers, or team leads, depending on the position you’re applying for. The interview might be conducted in a one-on-one setting or, occasionally, as a panel. Be prepared for both possibilities.

The questions at this stage are designed to assess not just your ability to do the job but your fit within the company culture. At Teleperformance, they have a strong emphasis on values such as integrity, respect, innovation, and responsibility. 

Step 3: Job Offer

Once you’ve made it past the in-person interview, the next step is usually to receive an offer. You may get a phone call, or you may be notified via email. If you make it to this step, congratulations! You’re now a part of the Teleperformance team.

Preparing for an Interview at Teleperformance

Preparing for an interview can be nerve-wracking, but remember, the key to any successful interview is preparation.

Preparation will help you feel confident on the actual interview day, ensuring that you present yourself as the best possible candidate for the position. So, take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and remember – success is all about preparation.

Here are a couple of tips to help you prepare for an interview at Teleperformance.

Research the Company

Get familiar with Teleperformance, its operations, the services it offers, its culture, and its values. Understand that Teleperformance is globally acclaimed for its efficient customer experience management and its presence in various countries. 

Recognize their dedication to providing excellent customer service. Knowing these facts will not only help you answer questions confidently but also allow you to tailor your responses in a way that aligns with the company’s values and mission.

Familiarize Yourself with the Role

Understand the job requirements, the skills it demands, the tasks you would be dealing with, and how your role contributes to the overall operations of the company. This will help you prepare concrete examples that demonstrate how your skills and experiences make you the best candidate for the role.

Rehearse Responses to Common Interview Questions

The goal is not to memorize your answers but to be comfortable expressing your thoughts and past experiences effectively. Practicing will help you become more fluent and confident in your speech. 

General Questions at Teleperformance to Be Prepared for

When stepping into a Teleperformance interview, it’s useful to understand that you will be asked some general questions to begin with. These initial questions are designed to put you at ease and also provide the all-important first impression. 

Remember, the main goal of your responses should be to demonstrate your skills, experiences, and values and how these align with Teleperformance’s mission and work ethics. 

Here are some of the common questions you might encounter, along with some guidance on how to answer them.

“Can you tell me a little about yourself?

This is a classic ice-breaker. The key to answering this is only to include relevant information about your career and education rather than taking a deep dive into your personal life. Keep it concise and relevant, and make sure it relates to why you are a good fit for the role. 

An answer might look like, “I have been working in customer services roles for over 5 years, where I have developed a passion for problem-solving and building excellent client relationships. During this time, I worked for X company, where we focused on…”

“Why do you want to work for Teleperformance?”

Your answer to this question can demonstrate your understanding of the company and its operations. Be specific about what you admire about Teleperformance and back it up with facts. 

For instance, you can highlight their commitment to providing quality customer service, their global influence, or their dedication to employee growth and development.

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

For this question, a great approach is to tie your answer to your potential future within Teleperformance. You could discuss how you hope to develop within the role you are applying for or even aspire to move into a higher position within the company.

“How do you handle stressful situations?”

As a leading customer service provider, Teleperformance serves numerous industries and faces diverse challenges, so they value employees who can handle stress effectively. If you’ve held up well under pressure in a past job, this would be the perfect time to share that story. You can also describe techniques you use to manage stress.

Experience and Background Interview Questions at Teleperformance

Teleperformance often digs deep into your past experiences and background. They do so not just to check if you’ve handled similar responsibilities before but also to understand if you enjoyed doing those tasks if you grew in those roles, and how you handled challenges you’ve encountered. 

This gives them an idea as to how your past experiences have shaped you professionally and can contribute to your potential position. 

Remember, when speaking about your experience and background, don’t simply say, “I did this” or “I did that.” Instead, explain why you did it, how you did it, what the impact was, and what you learned from it. Telling your professional story with purpose and by demonstrating your skills and experiences makes you a more memorable candidate.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of questions related to experience and background that Teleperformance often asks. 

“Can you tell me more about your experience at your previous job?”

This question isn’t just about retelling your resume. It’s an opportunity to provide a narrative to highlight your skills and experiences that align most closely with what Teleperformance is looking for in a candidate. Speak about your roles, responsibilities, achievements, and what you learned in your past positions.

“What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?”

Here, you highlight what you consider as your highest peak in your career. Discuss the accomplishment and stress on the skills you used to achieve it. Moreover, illustrate how this accomplishment reflects your potential contribution to Teleperformance.

“Describe a challenging scenario you faced at work and how you dealt with it.”

This question is about problem-solving and resilience. Discuss a genuine professional challenge, your approach to solving it, and the result. This is a chance to show that you’re not easily swayed by challenges.

“Why did you leave your last job?”

While answering this, it’s crucial not to speak negatively about your past employer or colleagues. Rather, focus on seeking new responsibilities, growth, or a change of environment.

“What could you have done better in your last role?”

This question assesses your self-awareness and how you take constructive criticism. Provide a real example of something you think you could’ve done better, and explain how you aim to improve it in the future.

In-Depth Questions in a Teleperformance Interview

In a Teleperformance interview, there will certainly be moments where the interviewer goes beyond just classic, general questions.  These in-depth questions are where they really get a sense of who you are as a professional and how you approach work situations. They might test your problem-solving abilities, emotional intelligence, or your ability to handle pressure.

Remember, when you respond to these in-depth questions, the focus isn’t on the issue or the change itself. It’s more about how you handled it, what you did, what results came from your actions, and what you learned from the experience.

To help give you an idea of what to expect, here are a couple of examples of in-depth interview questions. 

“Could you describe a situation where you went beyond the job description to make a customer happy?” 

This question might seem daunting at first, but it’s really an excellent opportunity. They want to see your dedication to providing great customer service.

Take your time to recall an instance where you really went the extra mile for a customer. Maybe you stayed late to resolve their issue, or you took the initiative to connect them with a manager when they wanted to give a compliment. The specific situation isn’t as important as showing that you’re willing to step up when needed.

“Tell me about a time you had to handle a particularly challenging interaction with a customer. How did you manage it?”

This question aims to assess your dealing with difficult situations, problem-solving skills, and how you maintain professionalism under stress. 

An ideal answer might revolve around a scenario where a client was extremely frustrated with a service issue. You might explain how you stayed calm, listened actively to the customer’s concerns, sympathized with their problem, and then offered effective solutions.

“Tell us about a time you had to adapt to a significant change at work.” 

Here, the aim is to investigate your adaptability and resilience. You might talk about how your team implemented a new software system and how you played a role in learning it quickly and assisting others.

Technical Role-Specific Questions at Teleperformance

An integral element of the Teleperformance interview process is delving into technical questions. These queries relate specifically to the job for which you’ve applied, testing your knowledge, skills, and capability to handle different on-the-job scenarios. The depth of these questions may vary based on the position you have applied for, ranging from customer service to IT roles.

It’s crucial to leverage this opportunity to demonstrate your technical skills and how they align with the requirements of the role. Remember not to get too caught up on impressing the interviewers with your technical knowledge; it’s more important to show how these skills can help you solve problems and create business value.

Customer Service Questions

An example of a customer service question could be, “Can you describe a time when you handled a difficult situation with a customer and how you resolved it?”

Here, they want to see your interpersonal skills, problem-solving ability, and how well you can balance customer satisfaction with the company’s policies and procedures. 

A sample answer could be, “In a previous customer service role, I encountered a situation where a customer was unhappy with a product. I remained patient and listened to their grievance before explaining our return policies. I offered an immediate product replacement. This way, I ensured the customer was satisfied while upholding our company policies.”

IT Role Questions

If you’re interviewing for an IT role, the technical questions would be more focused on the field. For example, you might be asked to describe how you’d diagnose and troubleshoot a network issue. 

A sample answer could be, “Initially, I would check the physical connections and signals. Next, I would verify the IP configuration and check the network on different devices. Finally, if the issue persists, I’ll conduct a thorough software evaluation to identify if there’s a software-related issue causing the problem.”

Post-interview Process: What to Expect

By the time you’ve reached this stage, breathe a sigh of relief! You’ve made it through the Teleperformance interview process, which is no small feat. However, the waiting period after an interview can often be as nerve-wracking as the preparation and interview itself. 

Let’s take a look at what to expect post-interview when applying for a position at this company.

Waiting Period

At Teleperformance, the waiting period tends to vary, and there is no set standard. This time can depend on several factors, such as the number of applicants for the job, the level of the position, the urgency of the role, and the efficiency of the human resources department.

Generally speaking, you can expect to hear back from Teleperformance anywhere from one week to a few weeks after your interview. This timeline may vary, but it’s essential to remain patient. 


It’s acceptable and quite proactive to follow up if you haven’t heard anything within a couple of weeks. A simple email to your point of contact or the HR representative asking for an update is fine. For example:

Hello [Name],

I wanted to follow up on the interview I had on [Date] for the position of [Job Title]. I greatly enjoyed discussing the role and learning more about the team at Teleperformance. I am very interested in the opportunity and eager to know the next steps. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

Remember, this is just an example. Feel free to customize this to make it more tailored to your experience with the company.

Job Offer

If you’re selected for the role, congratulations! You’ll be informed about the job offer, usually through a phone call or email, followed by an offer letter. It is wise to carefully review the details of the job offer, including your job role, salary, benefits, and terms of employment.

In case you are not selected, don’t be disheartened. Not every interview will lead to a job, but each one is a stepping stone in your career journey. You can even ask for feedback on your interview to understand the areas where you can improve. It’s all about learning and growing!

Take the First Steps to a Career at Teleperformance

With these tips and tricks, you’re well on the right path to acing your interview and landing yourself a job at Teleperformance. Remember, practice is key when preparing for an interview. Run through the potential questions and rehearse your responses, but also remain open to unforeseen questions and scenarios. 

Additionally, dedicate time to understanding Teleperformance’s values and mission, and think about how your strengths align with these. Interviewers love to see candidates who’ve taken the initiative to really learn about the company and understand how they can contribute to its mission.

If, after applying these steps, you still need a bit of extra help, we’re here to support you.  Our career coaching service provides personalized preparation for your Teleperformance interview. Let’s work together to craft polished, powerful responses that genuinely showcase your skills and experiences, boosting your confidence for the big day. 

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