Search Online for Recruiters

Search Online for Recruiters

Search Online for RecruitersDuring the COVID-19 health crisis, many if not most are conducting their job searches from home. Using software technology can be frustrating in its tendency to reject. Here are some ways to uncover names of human job decision-makers so that you can present your qualifications. Use Google’s (with an employer and job in mind) broad research capacities to your advantage in finding the names of relevant recruiters.

Recruiter search

Recruiters may be “external” and work in independent thirty-party firms, or they may be “internal” employees who work in a company’s human resources department.

Tap into these ideas regardless:

  • LinkedIn single-site search. Using Google to search LinkedIn ( can be helpful to identify recruiters for large employers. If you want to find the recruiter(s) at Amazon, try this:

recruiter amazon

Look for a search result titled “Amazon Recruiter profiles | LinkedIn” (or something similar).The more LinkedIn connections you have, the more details you see about the recruiters Google finds when you click the LinkedIn results page.

  • Company (employer) single-site search. Search for recruiters on the target company’s website using the Google single-site search method. In the following search query, example is the name of the company you’re targeting. Write it like this:


“human resources”

~staff directory” site:

Be sure there’s no space between site: and the domain name, which, in this case, is

Attaching the tilde (~) to the front of the word recruiter tells Google to look for all variations of the word. Make sure you substitute the correct domain name for, or use the appropriate domain name category, like .gov or .edu, for a search across all government agencies, or colleges and universities.

  • General search. Execute a standard Google search on the employer’s name plus the word recruiter so that Google will search over a broad spectrum across the entire Web.

For example, if you want to see the recruiter(s) at Amazon, try this: ~recruiter

“recruiter at”


Recheck the age of the results you find, to be sure you aren’t obtaining out-of-date data.

Tip: Attaching the tilde (~) to the front of the word recruiter gives Google unrestricted freedom to find variations on the word recruiter, like “headhunter” and “staffing manager.”

In my next post, I’ll share tips on searching online for hiring managers.

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