Benefits Beyond Paychecks: Part-Time Jobs with Health Insurance

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In an age where medical expenses can skyrocket in the blink of an eye, health insurance is an essential safeguard. A sudden illness or unexpected hospital visit can wreak havoc on your finances if you are uninsured. 

Now, if you’ve got a part-time job or are looking for one, you may be concerned that you won’t get health insurance as one of your job benefits. However, that’s not always the case. There are a few companies that do offer health insurance and other amazing benefits to their part-time workers. 

In this article, let’s explore the landscape of part-time jobs that come with health insurance, delve into why and when you should consider these roles, what companies offer them, and some practical tips to aid your search. 

Where to Find Part-Time Jobs That Offer Health Insurance

Finding part-time jobs with health insurance might seem daunting at first. However, there are actually several different industries where you may come across one of these positions. 

Here are a couple of different places where you can find one of these jobs.

Retail Jobs

Working in retail does not only imply minimum wage and long hours. Many reputable retail chains value their employees and offer them health insurance benefits. 

This includes companies like Starbucks, where baristas working over 20 hours per week become eligible for a comprehensive benefits package that includes health insurance.

Delivery and Logistics Jobs

The logistics and delivery industry, which includes companies like UPS, appreciates the importance of a healthy workforce. Many positions, such as package handlers or delivery drivers, can be part-time and still provide health insurance coverage.

Technical or Skilled Labor Positions

Certain industries highly regard skilled labor and retain them by providing valuable benefits, including health insurance. This includes jobs in the IT industry or skilled labor positions in construction or repair services. With companies like Costco or Lowe’s, part-time positions have access to considerable health insurance coverage.

Office and Administrative Jobs

Some companies offer administrative or desk jobs on a part-time basis that come with health insurance. These positions can be in various departments, such as human resources, finance, marketing, and more. Companies like JPMorgan Chase provide their part-time team with a comprehensive benefits package, health insurance included. 

What Are Companies That Offer Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance?

I’ve already gone over a couple of the industries where you can find part-time jobs with health insurance. However, let me get more specific. There are several companies, in particular, that offer this perk to their employees. 

Remember, each of these companies has a different approach to their part-time employee benefits, and they may vary based on your location and specific circumstances. I would recommend you to do further research and possibly contact the human resources department for precise information. 

These examples, however, give you a promising starting point and provide a glimpse into the types of companies that value their part-time workforce by offering health benefits.


Known for more than just its coffee, Starbucks values its employees and treats them as partners. Even if you’re brewing coffee for just 20 hours a week, you’re eligible for their comprehensive health coverage. Their coverage includes plans for medical, dental, and vision insurance, and it starts after just three months of employment. 


The company offers part-time employees a range of health insurance options, including plans for medical and dental care, as well as vision and prescription drug programs. What I particularly appreciate here is that UPS’s Earn and Learn program can help with tuition fees, meaning you not only secure your health but also your future education. 


This is a company ranked consistently for its positive work environment and employee benefits. Part-time employees at Costco are eligible for health insurance benefits after a waiting period of approximately three months, similar to Starbucks. They offer insurance for health, dental, vision, and also provide coverage for prescription drugs.


This home improvement company not only provides you with the chance to contribute towards making homes beautiful but also offers a comprehensive benefits package to its part-time workers. If you take on a part-time position here, you get the chance to access a limited benefits health plan, in addition to life insurance, vision, and dental care. Isn’t this combination incredible?

Whole Foods

A grocery store that’s known for its natural and organic foods, it also cares deeply about the health and wellness of its staff. If you’re enthusiastic about healthy living and sustainable farming, a part-time job at Whole Foods could be ideal for you. The company provides medical insurance to part-timers who work a minimum of 20 hours a week, which might be a great fit for your schedule.

JP Morgan Chase

Lastly, let’s not forget about the financial giant JP Morgan Chase. While it may not be the first place you’d think of for part-time positions, you’d be surprised. The company offers medical, dental, and vision coverage for part-time associates working at least 20 hours per week. What better way to complement your career growth than with solid health protection?

When to Look for Part-Time Jobs With Health Insurance

Life has its different seasons and unexpected twists. There are times when a part-time job with health insurance can be a lifeline that offers both flexibility and security. 

Let me break down a few different times when it might make sense to pursue a part-time position rather than a full-time position.

While Pursuing Education

If you’re a student, you know that balancing studies with work can be a juggling act. We understand that classes and exams take a lot of your time and energy. However, having a part-time job that provides health insurance can be a valuable asset. It not only offers a financial cushion for any unexpected health issues but also allows you to gain real-world experience.

Freelancing or Self-employment

When you’re your own boss, you love the freedom it brings! But we also know that this doesn’t always come with healthcare benefits. So, if you’re a contractor, a gig worker, or running your own small business, taking on a part-time job that offers health insurance can be a smart way to cover yourself.

Transitioning Careers

Perhaps you’re in a phase where you’re re-evaluating your profession. Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to pursue that dream career you’ve always been passionate about. This transitional period can be financially uncertain. A part-time job with health insurance can ensure you’re covered during this time.

Upon Retirement or During Older Age

If you’re a retiree who isn’t quite ready to completely stop working or need a little extra to supplement your savings, a part-time job can provide both income and valuable health insurance.

Balancing Family and Work Requirements

Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home parent wanting to return to work, or you’re caring for older family members. A part-time job with health benefits allows flexibility to manage your personal commitments while providing essential protection for potential health issues.

During a Job Search After a Layoff

It’s unfortunate, but layoffs happen. During the job search, a part-time position with health insurance can be a vitally important safety net.

Tips and Considerations When Choosing a Part-Time Job with Health Insurance.

As you hunt for a part-time job that offers health insurance, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Remember, it’s not just about finding the right benefits but also about finding a position that you love and that resonates with you.

By taking all these considerations into account, you’re well on your way to making an informed decision and finding the best job for you. A little research and patience can go a long way in making your job search process smoother and more beneficial.

Look Beyond Just the Health Benefits

While having health insurance is a crucial factor, consider the entirety of the benefits package. Some companies might offer dental coverage, vision coverage, or even a 401K plan. Companies like Costco and Starbucks include a comprehensive benefits package for their part-time workers. 

Evaluate Company Culture and Job Expectations

Make sure to choose a workplace where you feel comfortable and valued. A supportive work environment can play a significant role in your overall job satisfaction. For instance, think about whether or not flexible scheduling options are important to you. Keep this in mind as you hunt for a job as well.

Understand the Waiting Period

Often, health benefits don’t start immediately. Companies might have a probation or waiting period. For instance, UPS requires employees to reach a certain number of worked hours before they can access their health benefits. Understanding how this waiting period might affect your coverage can help you plan better. 

Evaluate Long-Term Career Prospects

Even if you’re only looking for part-time work right now, consider the potential long-term opportunities. A company that promotes from within or provides opportunities to switch to full-time work can offer a clear career path. Lowe’s, for example, is known for their career advancement opportunities, which could add to the overall appeal of the job.

How Many Hours Do You Need to Work to Get Part-Time Benefits?

Navigating the world of part-time work can often feel like a balance beam. On one end, you want the flexibility and freedom that these roles offer, and on the other, you need the security of benefits, such as health insurance. 

When it comes to how many hours you need to work at a part-time job to get health benefits, things can vary quite a lot depending on the company and its policies. Some businesses may offer part-time benefits for employees working as few as 20 hours per week, while others may require a commitment of 30 hours or more. It’s crucial to inquire about these details when applying for the job or during the early stages of interviews.

Remember, you’re not just looking for a job. You’re seeking an arrangement that provides a balanced alliance of flexibility, income, and benefits. Always make sure to ask about the necessary average weekly hours for eligibility and consider how it fits with your schedule and life commitments.

Part-Time Benefits You Can Ask for Aside From Health Insurance

Health insurance is a major factor in many benefits packages, but there are also other benefits that you might want to keep in mind during your search. 

Here are a few you might come across.

Retirement Packages (401k)

While less common for part-time positions, some companies do offer retirement benefits. For example, Starbucks provides a Future Roast 401(k) Savings Plan for their part-time employees, and Whole Foods Market has a 401(k) plan after a certain period of employment.

Life Insurance

This is another valuable benefit that some employers offer to part-time employees. For example, Costco provides life insurance to eligible part-time employees. 

Paid Time Off and Sick Leaves

While statutory requirements for paid leave can differ between states and employers, some companies are generous with their time-off policies. REI, a recreational equipment company, provides paid time off, even for part-time employees. 

Tuition Reimbursement

If you’re a student looking to offset some of your educational costs, keep an eye out for companies that offer tuition reimbursement. Starbucks, for example, offers its “Starbucks College Achievement Plan” that covers tuition for eligible part-time employees seeking a bachelor’s degree through Arizona State University’s online program.

Employee Discounts

Retail companies often offer employee discounts as part of their benefits package. Companies like American Eagle Outfitters and Barnes & Noble offer significant discounts to their part-time employees.

Find a Part-Time Job With the Perfect Benefits

Whether you’re a student studying and working simultaneously, a freelancer seeking a sense of security, someone transitioning between careers, or you’re simply desiring a better work-life balance, part-time roles with health benefits provide an invaluable safety net.

Remember, health insurance doesn’t just offer financial security during medical emergencies. It also provides peace of mind, which is just as important for overall well-being. Health coverage from companies like Starbucks, UPS, Costco, and Lowe’s, among others, enables you to protect your greatest asset — your health — while earning income and possibly pursuing other goals.

It’s time to get out there and start your job search for the best part-time jobs with health insurance! And, if you still need help before you dive right in, we’ve got you covered. Check out our other job-searching articles for all the insider tips and tricks you need. 

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