Conquering the Course: How to Get a Job at Topgolf

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Over the past two decades, Topgolf has broken traditional golfing norms by creating an engaging blend of technology and entertainment, winning over pros and novices alike. With over 50 locations in the U.S. and several more on a global scale, including the U.K., Australia, and Hong Kong, Topgolf takes pride in being a premier entertainment destination. Each location is much more than just a high-tech driving range. 

Topgolf venues are multi-tiered, with hitting bays, bars, and event spaces, offering a unique blend of fun and competition under one roof. Therefore, jobs at Topgolf are just as diverse and dynamic as the venues – from front-line associates ensuring memorable guest experiences kitchen staff delivering mouth-watering morsels, to tech gurus maintaining the advanced game technology. 

In this guide, we’ll look at the different job roles at Topgolf, the skills and qualities that this company values in its employees, how to apply, and the advantages of being part of the Topgolf family. 

Different Job Opportunities Offered at Topgolf

When you think about securing a job at Topgolf, it’s easy to focus only on positions that revolve solely around golf. However, the different job opportunities offered at Topgolf span a wide spectrum.

Let’s discuss these various job opportunities, so you can find a role that best fits your interests and talents.

Front of House

These roles are real gems for those who thrive in dynamic, energetic settings interacting with customers. These include positions such as:

  • Bartender
  • Food Runner
  • Guest Services team member

These positions bestow the fantastic opportunity to personify the fun, vibrant environment that Topgolf is known for. 

As a bartender, for instance, you’ll be responsible for more than just mixing drinks. You’ll be a part of crafting memorable guest experiences and the lively vibe of the place. For these roles, having great customer service skills is extremely important as this is where a lot of the sales are made.

Heart of House

These roles, though slightly less visible, are absolutely crucial. These include:

  • Cook
  • Dishwasher
  • Kitchen Manager

These are those who collectively support the overall food servicing at Topgolf. The smell of a delicious meal wafting across the venue is just as vital as the sound of clubs hitting golf balls. 

If you’re someone who revels in behind-the-scenes work and takes immense satisfaction in providing top-quality cuisine, these positions might be your calling.


These roles focus on maintaining and enhancing the physical space at Topgolf venues. From ensuring golf balls are restocked to making sure the targets on the green function correctly, this aspect of the operation ensures the wheels keep turning without interruption.


These positions are open to individuals who excel at leading teams and driving change. As a manager at Topgolf, you’ll be driving the energy each shift and ensuring that each team member feels supported and successful.

Management positions can range from shift supervisors to store manager and more. Management positions are also great ways to climb the ladder, even if you started in an entry-level position.


Topgolf also has a host of Technology Roles that cater to their modernized approach to golf. If you have a flair for tech, one of these roles might be just for you. These jobs include: 

  • Digital Venue Products
  • Mobile Products
  • Data Management
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Toptracer Technologies

Technology roles are quite advanced and often require specialized degrees and skills. Additionally, you may need to have a prior background in tech in order to land one of these positions. 


If your skill set lies more in the realm of professional fields, a role here can be your best bet. These roles offer opportunities to shape the company’s strategy and culture and play a crucial role in its growth and success. These include:

  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Finance
  • HR 

Corporate positions span a wide range of fields, but typically, they have to do with the business sector. You can choose a niche in the corporate field that makes sense with your education, skills, and background. 

Additionally, although Topgolf is headquartered in Texas, there are corporate positions available all over the world. If the idea of working abroad strikes your fancy, this could be a good position.


These professionals manage and drive sales, ensure profitability and relationship build. Sales roles at Topgolf include:

  • Sales Account Managers
  • Directors of Sales
  • Regional Directors of Sales

Sales positions, like front-of-house positions, are largely customer-facing, so expect to be putting your communication skills to good use.

Golf Instruction

For those with a passion for teaching and golf, Golf Instruction Roles are a perfect match. In roles ranging from Golf Instructors to Directors of Instruction, you get a chance to promote the enjoyment of golf and nurture talent, enriching the sports legacy of Topgolf.


Internships at Topgolf finally offer an excellent starting point for individuals at the beginning of their careers. These provide invaluable work experience and a chance to learn from seasoned professionals. 

On top of that, many internships lead to paying positions, especially at the corporate level. Getting an internship at Topgolf can be a great way to kickstart a successful career.

Requirements to Work for Topgolf

To begin our journey into the world of Topgolf, it’s crucial to understand the prerequisites needed to work at this unique, fast-paced, entertainment-driven company. 

The requirements I’m about to discuss vary greatly by position, but having an overall idea will give you a sense of whether Topgolf might be a fitting place for your skills and experience. 

Basic Requirements

Let’s start by looking at a couple of basic requirements. These requirements don’t vary much across locations and are the bare minimum prerequisites you’ll need to meet in order to land a job at Topgolf. 

Age Requirement

Topgolf requires its employees to be at least 16 years old. Some positions, such as those in management, may require you to be over 21. 

This is a common requirement among businesses where alcohol is served, so be prepared for that stipulation if you’re considering a role where you’ll be handling or serving alcohol.

Work Authorization

This is a key requirement. Proof of eligibility to work in the respective country (for example, U.S. citizenship, a visa, or a work permit) is mandatory before starting any job at Topgolf.

Position-Specific Requirements

Besides age and work permit requirements, you’ll also need to meet a few position-specific requirements.A Cook, for instance, must have 2 years of previous full-service professional kitchen experience. 

On the other hand, if you’re applying to be a Bartender, you’ll need to have knowledge of classic cocktails and the creativity to design your own. Proof of current state alcohol seller’s certification (if applicable to your state) is also needed. If you are applying for a sales role, previous sales experience with a track record of exceeding sales targets is desired.

Additional Qualifications

Additional qualifications may be in the form of education or certifications. For Corporate roles, for instance, a degree in a relevant field or specific professional certifications might be required

Skills and Qualities Topgolf Looks for in Its Employees

One of the most important things to consider when preparing to apply for a job at Topgolf—or any job, for that matter—is what skills and qualities are sought after in employees. Skills are different from requirements because these aren’t necessarily quantifiable abilities you’ll have. Instead, they’re things like communication, being a team player, and reliability.

Here’s what Topgolf looks for in terms of soft skills.

Excellent Customer Service Skills

Topgolf places a high importance on delivering a top-notch guest experience. That means they’re looking for people who are patient, empathetic, and excellent communicators. 

For example, let’s say you’re applying for a Guest Services role. You’d need to be able to manage guest check-ins, tailor solutions to their needs, and ensure their overall satisfaction during their visit. Essentially, you’d be the face of Topgolf for these guests!


The success of Topgolf relies on a collective effort from every employee, from the front-of-house staff to the kitchen crew. As such, they appreciate individuals who collaborate well with others. 

For instance, if you were a line cook, it wouldn’t just be about your ability to follow a recipe – you’d also need to work in unison with your team to ensure orders are served promptly.

Good Communication Skills

Clear interaction is key, whether it’s with guests or fellow teammates. As part of the team, you are expected to effectively relay information or instructions, ensuring a smooth operation. 

For instance, if you were a bartender, you should be comfortable explaining the drink menu to guests, as well as communicating with coworkers about refilling supplies.

Enthusiasm and Energy

Topgolf is known for its vibrant atmosphere, so it’s a given that they look for people who can match that energy. This doesn’t mean you need to be loud or extroverted, but showing a genuine passion for your work definitely helps. 

For example, if you are interviewing for a hosting position, showing excitement about ensuring guests have an amazing, memorable time would resonate strongly with Topgolf’s ethos.

Versatility and Multitasking Abilities

Working at Topgolf often means switching gears between a variety of tasks, so adaptability is highly valued. For instance, a role might involve both directly assisting guests and handling backend administrative work. 

Whether you are a golf instructor juggling multiple training sessions or a server swiftly maneuvering a bustling venue, showing you can handle diverse responsibilities is a big plus.

Preparing for a Job at Topgolf 

Preparing for a role at Topgolf, much like any other job, requires a good understanding of the company, its work culture, and the specific role you are applying for. 

Here are some key steps you can take to prepare yourself effectively, whether you’re just looking for a job, getting ready for an interview, or already have a position to accept.

Familiarize Yourself with the Company and its Vision

Topgolf is not just a golfing venue; it offers a place of entertainment that revolves around fun, sports, and socializing. Dive into learning more about Topgolf’s unique mission, its operation style, and its commitment to creating memorable experiences for its clientele. 

This knowledge will not only be beneficial during your interview but also help you understand whether Topgolf is the right fit for you.

Understand Your Job Role and its Responsibilities

If you’re applying for a role as a bartender, for example, be prepared to mix and serve drinks, handle cash, and provide excellent customer service. On the other hand, a role in management would require leading and motivating teams, ensuring a high standard of service is consistently delivered, as well as meeting business targets. 

Be sure to thoroughly read the job description and make a list of how your skills match these responsibilities. 

Assess Your Relevant Skills and Qualities

Topgolf values a fun, enthusiastic personality and the ability to work well with a team. For example, if you’ve previously worked in a team-oriented sports or entertainment role and thrived, this will likely be an asset in your potential role at Topgolf. 

Similarly, if you’re a natural communicator and have experience in customer service, Topgolf will appreciate this skill set. 

The Hiring Process at Topgolf

Now that we’ve gone over a bit about what jobs are available at Topgolf and how you can be successful at them let’s talk about the hiring process. 

While the hiring process may last anywhere from a couple of weeks to over a month, remember this varies depending on the role, location, and volume of applications received. So, stay positive and stay patient. 

In the end, the most important thing to remember about the Topgolf hiring process is that it bases heavily on one’s personality and ability to fit into the company’s vibrant culture. 

In general, you’ll follow four simple steps to land a job at Topgolf. 

Step 1: Online Application

At Topgolf, the hiring process usually begins with submitting an online application. This is where you showcase your skills, experiences, and enthusiasm for the role you are applying for. 

A well-crafted resume and a cover letter expressing your specific interest in Topgolf can work wonders here.

Step 2: Panel Interview/ Talent Audition

Successful applicants then advance to a unique, high-energy panel interview known as a ‘Talent Audition’. Less formal and much more entertaining than most interviews, it involves group interactions, team-building exercises, and one-on-one interviews, providing multiple avenues for you to shine. 

For example, you might be asked to participate in a team game or present a sales pitch to the rest of the group. This unconventional approach aligns perfectly with Topgolf’s commitment to building a culture of fun and teamwork.

Step Three: One-on-One Interviews

During one-on-one interviews, you can expect questions designed to assess your ability to deliver exceptional customer service, work as part of a team, and handle dynamic work situations. 

For instance, interviewees might be asked to share a previous experience dealing with a difficult customer or to describe a situation where they exemplified teamwork. In these types of situations, the best way to answer the question is using the STAR Method to help showcase your background, skills, and experience. 

Drug Test/ Background Check

Once the interviews are completed, selected candidates may be required to undergo a background check or drug test in compliance with state and federal laws. Following a satisfactory outcome of these checks, an offer is extended to the successful candidate.

Average Salary at Topgolf

A job at Topgolf goes beyond the joy of being part of an exciting sports and entertainment facility — it also offers competitive compensation. Financial reimbursement at Topgolf varies depending on the role, experience, and location. 

For entry-level positions, such as a Front of House Associate, the per-hour income typically hovers around $11 to $13, excluding tips that can significantly boost earnings.

Moving up the ladder, a job in facilities maintenance or as a guest services associate may earn you, on average, approximately $14 to $18 an hour.

Sales consultants at Topgolf, thanks to the scope of their role, could find themselves enjoying significantly higher average salaries. The range here could be anywhere from approximately $45,000 to $89,000 annually, depending on commissions, bonuses, and hourly pay. 

If a management role is something you are aiming for, then the average salary could be impressively higher. For instance, a Director of Operations could earn an average salary upwards of $70,000 per year.

Keep in mind that these are approximate figures, and actual salaries can vary based on factors such as your experience, qualifications, and the specific location of the Topgolf venue you are employed at. 

Benefits of Working at Topgolf

Joining the Topgolf team not only marks the beginning of a dynamic career but also opens up a world of exciting work benefits fit for a variety of lifestyles and needs. 

Let’s check out a couple of the benefits, besides salary, that you can get from working at Topgolf. 

Health and Retirement Benefits

This is an area where Topgolf truly shines. Recognizing that the well-being of its employees is crucial, the company offers full-time associates a variety of health insurance options, including medical, dental, and vision coverage. 

But that’s not all; to help secure your future, Topgolf also provides a 401(k) retirement plan, enabling you to prepare financially for the later stages of your life.

Work-Life Balance: Paid Time Off

Appreciating the importance of work-life balance, the company offers flexible scheduling and paid time off. This balance allows you to excel at work while allowing ample time for rest, recreation, and personal activities. 

Free Game Play

Looking for a unique benefit? How about some free games? That’s right, as a Topgolf employee, you receive free gameplay, providing the perfect opportunity for you to have fun after your shift or on your days off – and perhaps hone your golf skills in the process!

Free Mental Wellbeing Program

In an effort to preserve the mental health of its team, the company also provides a free mental wellbeing program. The service is available to all team members and their families and is aimed to provide allies and support for life’s challenges. 

Other Benefits

Additionally, Topgolf offers surgery coverage, pet insurance for your furry friends, and even partnerships with Strayer University and Capella University for education benefits. Through these partnerships, Topgolf associates can take advantage of significant tuition reductions and scholarships to further their education while working at Topgolf. 

Next Steps

As we wrap up, it’s important to remember that the process of getting any job – whether it’s at Topgolf or elsewhere – can sometimes feel like a game of golf itself. It’s a test of patience, precision, and resilience. 

Having said that, Topgolf as a potential employer, truly stands out with its dynamic atmosphere and an industry that blends sports, technology, and entertainment. For anyone seeking a job that values energy, interaction, and team spirit, Topgolf is an excellent choice. 

Of course, navigating the job market can seem daunting, but remember, you’re in the driver’s seat of your own career journey! With a little research, proactive preparation, and that fiery passion of yours, securing a role at a dynamic company like Topgolf is within your grasp. 

I strongly urge you to seize this golden opportunity to chat with one of our career coaches. If you’re unsure what skills to highlight for your Topgolf application, we can help you align them with the exciting career options at Topgolf. Let’s unlock your full potential and pave the way for a fulfilling and thriving career in a vibrant atmosphere like Topgolf.

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