Aim High: How to Get a Job at Mastercard

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When you hear the name Mastercard, what springs to mind? Probably swiping plastic at the grocery store, for online purchases, and more. However, Mastercard is more than just this; this company is a digital payment industry giant that does much more than credit cards. 

This tech giant does not just offer a job; it offers a journey – a journey that promises innovative challenges, holistic growth, and global influence. If you’re someone who thrives in a dynamic, fast-paced environment, and networks fuel your inspiration, then Mastercard is the place to be. 

Here’s what to know about why and how to get a job at Mastercard.

Job Opportunities Offered at Mastercard

Mastercard is a dynamic and inclusive place to work, offering a vast array of job opportunities to suit a multitude of skill sets and career preferences. 

Given its standing as one of the world’s leading tech companies in the financial industry, it’s no surprise that you can find a diverse range of roles in various areas. Here are a couple of the different roles and departments you can work at if you want to get a job at Mastercard. 

Tech Roles

For those with a passion for technology, Mastercard offers an array of roles in areas such as Software Engineering, Data Science, and Cybersecurity

As an integral part of their team, you’ll have the chance to work on cutting-edge applications and security systems that are changing the face of financial transactions worldwide. 

Business Roles

Mastercard offers positions in business areas such as Marketing, Sales, Product Management, and more. You could find yourself developing innovative sales strategies or crafting compelling ad campaigns to advance the company’s brand and reach. 

Other Departments

Other departments within Mastercard offer roles in Human Resources, Communications, and Legal Services, to name a few. Clearly, there’s a vast pool of options to explore based on your professional interests and skills.

Post-Graduate Internships

Mastercard also provides fantastic opportunities for recent college graduates and students as well. They host internships across a number of their departments, providing hands-on experience in the field. 

For those just starting their career journey, their Graduate Development Program offers a structured, intensive 18-month-long experience designed to fast-track your professional growth.

Requirements to Work at Mastercard

One of the key steps to getting a job at Mastercard is to understand what qualifies someone to become part of this leading global organization. 

Remember, Mastercard offers an array of opportunities in tons of different departments, and each department has its own skill set and requirements to meet.  However, there are a few basic requirements that are pretty standard across all jobs at Mastercard.

For one thing, a bachelor’s degree is typically a minimum requirement for landing a position at this company. Additionally, strong English communication skills, both verbal and written, are generally essential due to the global nature of their operations. 

However, it’s not just about technical skills or educational qualifications; Mastercard places a high value on soft skills and the cultural fit of the prospective employees. They seek adaptable individuals who can thrive in changing environments, as well as those who are decision-makers, problem-solvers, and thought leaders

Qualities Mastercard Looks for in an Employee

It’s not just basic requirements you’ll need to meet; you’ll also need to have a couple of key qualities in order to get a job at Mastercard. These qualities are what help show the company that you’ll be a good worker and an asset to their team.

While there are tons of different qualities that Mastercard may look for in employees, a few stand-outs include: 

  • Drive for innovation: The financial industry is constantly evolving, and Mastercard thrives on staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
  • Teamwork: With a global workforce and a multitude of collaborative projects, teamwork is essential to their operations.
  • Customer-centric mindset: Mastercard is committed to advancing the way people pay and get paid, and this all circles back to serving the customer.

Try to demonstrate that you possess these skills in your interview or on your application. Doing so can help set you apart as a candidate and make you a more attractive recruit to the company.

How to Apply for a Job at Mastercard

Now that you know a bit more about what kinds of skills and qualifications Mastercard looks for in employees, let’s talk about how you can apply for a job at the company. 

In general, you’ll need to start by heading to the company career page and searching through open positions. However, the process is slightly more nuanced than just that. Here are the steps to follow if you want to apply for a job at Mastercard. 

Step 1: Explore Opportunities on the Mastercard Careers Page

Begin your journey by heading to the Mastercard careers page, the company’s primary platform for job postings. Here, you’ll find a wealth of opportunities listed under various categories, such as:

  • Technology
  • Product Management
  • Marketing & Communications

You can personalize your job search by setting filters for location, role title, or job level. For example, if you’re a fresh graduate, you might look for available entry-level positions in your desired location.

Step 2: Making a Selection and Reviewing the Job Details 

Once you’ve spotted a role that seems like a good fit, click on it to get more detailed information. I advise taking the time to read the job description, responsibilities, and qualifications in detail. 

This will not only give you a strong understanding of what the role entails but also helps ensure your skills and experiences align with what Mastercard is seeking for the prospective role.

Step 3: Initiate the Application Process 

After confirming you’re well-suited to the role, click the ‘Apply Now’ button. If you’re a first-time applicant, you will have to create a new account. I recommend using an active email address, as this will be the primary communication channel through which Mastercard will provide updates about your application status.

Step 4: Submit Your Application 

The application will require you to provide basic personal information, educational background, and work experiences. A key part of the application is uploading your updated CV. 

When tailoring your resume, remember to highlight all relevant skills and experiences that may set you apart as a worthy candidate for the selected role. Hit ‘Submit’ once you have verified all the details.

The Hiring Process at Mastercard

After you’ve submitted your job application, you’ve generally got to play the waiting game. To make this waiting period easier, let’s go over what the hiring process is typically like at Mastercard. 

Application Review and Phone Interview

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a team of dedicated recruiters at Mastercard. If they see a potential fit for the role, they will reach out to you for the first stage interview—a phone screen. During this phone call, the recruiter will ask basic questions about your background, experiences, and why you’re interested in the specific role and Mastercard.

In-Person Interview

Passed the phone screen? Congrats! You’ve moved on to the interview with the hiring manager, which typically takes place over another phone call or sometimes even a video call. The hiring manager will delve into the details of your skills, work preferences, and how these match the position’s requirements. This is your chance to really showcase your capabilities and interests.

Team Interviews

Now, if the hiring manager is convinced you could be a stellar fit, it’s on to the team interviews. This can involve meeting with multiple team members or stakeholders related to the role you’ve applied for. 

Mastercard adheres to a comprehensive interview process to ensure a mutual fit for both the candidate and the company. 

These interviews might take place in a range of formats—from one-on-one discussions to group interviews and could be in-person if circumstances permit or carried out virtually. What’s key at this stage is thoughtful preparation and a focus on showing your handful of skills, passion, and how you align with Mastercard’s values.

Job Offer

The process before this could take a few days or even a week, depending on the role and the number of candidates. If all goes well, a verbal offer will be made, followed by a written offer once you’ve accepted.

Common Job Interview Questions at Mastercard

Interviewing is a major part of the Mastercard hiring process, with candidates often going through two or more rounds of interviews before landing a job. And, what’s one of my best interview tips as a career coach? Practicing questions. 

Doing so gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experiences and skills and puts you in a better position to articulate them effectively when necessary. This can help you make a great impression during your interview.

Now, although each interview can differ based on the role and the interviewer, there are some common threads in Mastercard’s interview questions. Here are a few examples of questions you might encounter.

Behavioral Questions

First, let’s talk about behavioral questions. These are questions that assess how you’d behave or respond in a certain situation and are best answered using the STAR method

  • A couple examples of behavioral questions include: Tell me about a time when you faced a challenging situation at work and how you handled it: This type of question aims to assess your problem-solving skills, decision-making process, and resilience.
  • Can you provide an example of when you had to collaborate with a difficult team member: This seeks to explore your interpersonal and team-building skills and how you navigate professional conflicts.

Role-Specific Questions

Besides behavioral questions, you may also come across role-specific questions. Role-specific questions are more focused on ascertaining whether or not you have the required knowledge related to a specific position within the company. 

If you’re applying for a tech role, for example, you might be asked: ‘Can you describe a recent project where you utilized your coding skills?’  Here, they’re not just assessing your technical skill set, they’re also interested in your project management and teamwork skills.

For a marketing role, a common question could be: ‘Can you talk about a marketing campaign you helped develop and execute and its impact?’ The goal here is to gauge your creativity, analytical skills, and your understanding of marketing strategies.

Company-Centric Questions

Finally, a third type of interview question you could be asked is a company-centric question. These interview questions help a company figure out whether your personal values align with Mastercard’s mission and culture. 

Remember, it’s not just about having the ‘right’ answer. It’s also about how you communicate it. Be honest, stay focused, back your answers with specific examples, and show enthusiasm for the role and the company.

Potential questions could be ‘What attracts you to work for Mastercard?’ or ‘How do you think you can contribute to our mission to connect and power an inclusive digital economy?’ 

Tips to Get a Job at Mastercard

If you’ve got your heart set on landing a job at Mastercard, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a few tips you can employ to make that happen. 

Here are a couple of best practices to implement to ensure that you get a job at Mastercard. 

Tailor Your Application

First things first — when applying for a job at Mastercard, ensure you tailor your application to the specific role you’re pursuing. This isn’t just about adding the right keywords, which are important, but rather about demonstrating how your skills and experiences will prove valuable in that context. 

Take the time to read the job description thoroughly, understanding what the role entails, and then map your skills accordingly. Show Mastercard how you are the best fit not only by saying you have the skills, but by providing examples of how you used those skills in your past endeavors. 

Research the Company

Aside from understanding the role, take a deep dive into understanding Mastercard as a company. Explore their mission, values, services, and various initiatives. Articulating this understanding in your application and interviews will showcase your enthusiasm and commitment towards the role. 

Come Up with Questions to Ask

Finally, always come prepared with questions at the end of an interview. This shows your genuine interest in the role and the organization. Ask about the company culture, team dynamics, or success stories which can provide you more insight about the organization and the role.

Average Salary of a Mastercard Employee

As someone who’s been involved in career coaching for years, I understand how critical it is to evaluate potential earnings in your job search. Salary isn’t everything, of course, but it’s undeniably a significant part of why we work. It enables us to embrace an independent, comfortable lifestyle, and above all, it shows how much an employer values our skills and contributions.

While exact figures can vary depending on the position, location, and your level of experience, Mastercard generally offers competitive salaries in line with industry standards.

For instance, here are a few average annual salary ranges for severaldifferent roles at Mastercar:

  • Software Engineer: $70,000 – $120,000
  • Data Analyst: $60,000 – $95,000
  • Project Manager: $80,000 – $130,000
  • Senior Product Manager: $110,000 – $160,000
  • Director of Operations: $130,000 – $200,000 

These are just some examples, and actual salaries may vary. However, these figures give a fair idea of what to expect.

Benefits of Working at Mastercard

Having a high salary is certainly one benefit that most people look for when job hutning. However, it’s far from the only benefit out there.

For Mastercard, for example, there are plenty of other advantages you get from working at the company, such as: 

  • Wellness benefits
  • A good work-life balance
  • Family perks
  • Professional development opportunities

Let’s take a closer look at these perks of the job.

Wellness Benefits

Mastercard truly champions the health and wellbeing of their employees. They provide comprehensive health insurance that covers medical, dental, and vision – crucial for keeping you in top health. 

Plus, they understand the importance of mental wellness too. With their employee assistance programs, you can access counseling and mental health resources, providing support when it’s needed most.

Good Work-Life Balance

Mastercard recognizes that we aren’t just employees, but individuals with families, hobbies, and personal goals. They foster a culture where flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely is not only encouraged but seen as part of the norm.

Family Benefits

And for those looking to start or expand their families, Mastercard provides phenomenal family benefits. There’s generous maternity and paternity leave and adoption assistance.

Professional Development Programs

Mastercard invests in their employees through professional development programs. Whether it’s mastering a new skill, seeking mentorship, or eyeing a leadership position, the resources, and support are there.

Other Perks

There’s the little perks that make working at Mastercard something special – be it the gym memberships to encourage keeping fit, the commemorative bonuses to celebrate personal milestones or the volunteering opportunities that allow you to give back to the community.

Land Your Dream Job at a Major Bank

A career at Mastercard is more than just a job. It’s a unique opportunity — an open door to work on impactful, innovative solutions touching millions of lives across the globe. 

Of course, securing a job at Mastercard is no easy feat. It requires preparation, determination, and a clear understanding of the values and skills the company values. So, take a deep breath, polish your resume, and dive headfirst into the process. Remember, every ‘no’ brings you one step closer to a ‘yes.’ And that ‘yes’ could be the beginning of an enriching and rewarding journey.

To ensure you really land the job you want, why not refine and perfect your application with our career coaches’ guidance? Together, we can enhance your potential and streamline your path towards an exciting and rewarding career at Mastercard. Your successful future starts today!

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