Mastering Interview Questions at Mountain Mike’s

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Mountain Mike’s, although it might sound like an outdoor store, is actually a pizza chain. The company mostly operates out of Northern California, although they have various locations across the Western United States.

Now, if you’ve got a love for pizza, this might just be the place for you to apply. Here, you’ll be able to put your customer service skills to the test and wow the crowd with delicious pies. 

Of course, in order to do all that, you’ve first got to make it past the interview process. Here, I’ll break down what to expect, how to answer common questions, and what the process typically looks like. Let’s jump in and get started landing you a job at this company!

What the Interview Process Looks Like at Mountain Mike’s

Embarking on the process of applying for a job at Mountain Mike’s, you naturally have many questions about what to expect from the interview process. Typically, you’ll follow several steps to land the job:

  1. Initial application
  2. Phone screening
  3. In-person interview
  4. Final decision

With that said, here’s a breakdown of each of the above steps in detail.

Step 1: Initial Application

This is relatively straightforward. You fill out an online form that asks for all the usual details: your contact information, work history, and availability. At this stage, Mountain Mike’s is mainly looking to see if you meet the bare minimum requirements for the job. Pro tip: be sure to put thought into the application, as it’s the first impression you’ll make!

Step 2: Phone Screening

Mountain Mike’s can call you about a week after submitting the initial application. This is a chance for them to ask a few basic questions and get a sense of your interest in the position. It is as much about giving you information as it is about them learning about you.

Step 3: In-Person Interview

The in-person (or video) interview at Mountain Mike’s is definitely more formal and in-depth than the phone screening. You can be asked a series of questions about your work history, problem-solving abilities, and how you handle customer service scenarios. 

Step 3: Final Decision-Making

This involves background checks and contacting your references. It takes about another week or so after your in-person interview to hear back with their final decision.

General Questions Asked at Mountain Mike’s Job Interview

As you prepare to interview at Mountain Mike’s, you can expect to be asked several general questions. These are designed to get an overall sense of who you are and why you’re interested in a position with this company. Here are some questions you might be asked, along with a couple of my tips for how to answer them.

“Tell me about yourself.”

It sounds simple, but it’s surprisingly tricky because it’s so broad. I suggest giving a brief overview of your educational background, your experience, and any relevant skills. 

For instance, you might say something like, “I have been working in the food service industry for the past three years and have developed strong customer service and problem-solving skills. Moreover, I graduated with a degree in hospitality, solidifying my passion for this industry.”

“Why do you want to work at Mountain Mike’s?”

When answering, make sure to show that you’ve done your homework about the company and articulate why its mission and values align with your career goals. 

For instance, “I have always admired Mountain Mike’s commitment to providing high-quality food while maintaining a friendly, community-centered atmosphere. I believe this aligns with my passion for providing excellent service in a warm, welcoming environment.”

“Are you familiar with our products/services?”

Again, this question allows you to show off your knowledge about the company. You might discuss specific menu items that set Mountain Mike’s apart from its competitors or talk about a personal experience you’ve had at one of their locations.

In-depth Questions Asked at Mountain Mike’s Job Interview

Besides the more straight forward general questions, you may also be asked some in-depth queries as part of the interview. Most often, these questions will aim to see how well you adapt to different situations that might arise while working at Mountain Mike’s. They tend to be scenarios that will test your problem-solving skills, your teamwork capabilities, and how well you handle stress.

With that said, here are a few examples of these types of questions and how you might want to answer them.

“Can you describe a situation where you had to handle a difficult customer?”

Mountain Mike’s looks for individuals who can handle difficult situations with grace. When answering this question, focus on showing your empathy, patience, and problem-solving skills. 

For instance, you could tell them about a time when a customer complained about their order, and you patiently listened to their concern, apologized genuinely, and offered a solution, such as a discount on their next purchase or an immediate replacement of the order.

“How do you handle high-stress situations?”

This question gauges your ability to maintain composure under pressure. To answer this one, you should discuss your stress management strategies. 

You could mention how, in peak hours at your previous job, you managed stress by remaining organized, focusing on one task at a time, and maintaining open communication with your team members.

“What will you do if a teammate isn’t pulling their weight?”

Mountain Mike’s places a significant emphasis on teamwork for all their roles. So, in response to this, you might detail how you’ve handled a similar situation in the past. 

You could say something like, “In my last job, I had a team member who was struggling with their workload. I approached them privately to discuss the issue. It turned out they were dealing with personal issues and were afraid to ask for help. We ended up re-distributing the tasks and providing extra support until they were able to get back on track.”

Role-Specific Questions Asked at Mountain Mike’s Job Interview

Another type of interview question to be prepared for when applying at Mountain Mike’s are role-specific questions. These questions look at how well you’ll fit into a specific position at the company and give the employer clues as to what skills you have and how they relate to the job. 

Here are a couple of examples of these types of questions.Cashiers or Servers

A common question might be, “How would you handle a long line of customers?”. This question aims to evaluate your ability to multitask, remain calm under pressure, and still provide excellent customer service. They want to know if you can manage stress effectively while maintaining a positive and friendly attitude toward customers.


You might be asked, “How do you ensure the quality of food you prepare?”. The interviewer is interested in your attention to detail, your knowledge of food safety, and your commitment to delivering high-quality products. They want to ensure that you can maintain the standard of food that Mountain Mike’s is known for.


The interviewer may present you with a scenario such as, “How do you handle conflicts between team members?”. They are looking to gauge your problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, and interpersonal skills. It’s important for them to know that you can manage a team effectively, promoting a harmonious and productive work environment.

Questions to Ask at the End of the Mountain Mike’s Job Interview

As your job interview at Mountain Mike’s Pizza comes to a close, it’s now your turn to be the one asking the questions. This is your chance to gain a deeper understanding of the role, the team, and the company. 

When you ask knowledgeable questions about the position and the company, you’re demonstrating to Mountain Mike’s that you’re seriously considering the role, and at the same time, you’re collecting valuable information that can help you make an informed decision if a job offer comes your way.

Plus, asking thought-provoking questions shows your interviewer that you’ve come fully prepared and are seriously considering the position. Here are some suggestions for insightful questions you might want to ask, along with a brief explanation of why these questions might be helpful.

“Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?”

While you should already have a good understanding of the role based on the job description, this question helps you delve deeper into what a typical day would look like. Knowing what exactly is expected on a daily basis can help you determine if this role is a good fit for you, and it also shows the interviewer that you’re already picturing yourself in the job.

“What does the training process look like?”

Asking about training specifics serves a dual purpose: it indicates to the interviewer that you’re eager to hit the ground running, and it provides you with important details about what your first few weeks or months on the job might look like.

“What does success look like in this role?”

This can provide clear benchmarks for what you would need to achieve to be successful in the role. It also shows the interviewer you’re interested in understanding and meeting these expectations.

“Could you share some insights about the team I’ll be working with?”

The answer to this question can give you a sense of the company culture and dynamics of the team you’ll be joining. It also sends the message that you’re a team player and are interested in getting to know your potential future colleagues.

Wrapping Up Your Job Interview at Moutain Mike’s

Remember, interviews are not just a one-sided discussion. You are also interviewing the company to see if this role aligns with your career goals. Prepare some thoughtful questions to ask at the end of your interview. This will not only provide you with useful insights but also show your interviewer that you are serious about the role.

You’re preparing yourself for a great opportunity at Mountain Mike’s, and with this detailed guide, you’re setting yourself up for success. 

One way to ensure that success is to work with our career coaches. With personalized guidance from our skilled career coaches, you can refine your responses to interview questions, build unwavering confidence, and get ready to nail that interview. Your dream job at Mountain Mike’s is just one well-prepared interview away!

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