Student Spotlight: Mastering Your LinkedIn Headline

Unlock Your Potential: Crafting Powerful LinkedIn Headlines for Student Success in the Professional World.

Congratulations if you’re near the end of your educational journey or recently graduated! Hopefully, your accomplishments are helping you rise to the top and giving you the recognition you deserve. If not, we need to change that.

This post aims to help a student learn how to create a compelling LinkedIn headline that will capture the gatekeeper’s eye.

“Looking for work” or “recent graduate” isn’t exactly music to the hiring manager’s ears. In fact, it makes you sound desperate, and who wants to sound desperate? Headlines are much too valuable real estate to apologize for being a “newbie” to the workforce.

Crafting Your Unique LinkedIn Headline

Your headline is like your shadow – it follows you everywhere. Among these are linkedIn searches, messages, posts, invitations to connect, job applications, recommendations, and the list of people you might know. So let’s begin crafting your headline so you will be seen in the best possible light.

Choose a few items from the following list that you wish to incorporate into your headline:

  • Your proudest achievement or experience
  • Two or three hard skills
  • Industry of your choice
  • Your ideal role
  • What drives you to achieve excellence
  • Community you would like to cultivate

Next, decide how you want to present (format) your points above:

  1. List them separated with vertical bars
  • Example –  Travel Content Writer | Published Nationally & Internationally | SEO Proficient
  1. Create a tagline or sentence that conveys all of your points
  • Example – Creates web traffic with SEO content plus well-researched, credible, and engaging articles
  1. Combining approaches #1 and #2, opening with a punchy headline, and closing with your third point
  • Example – Published engaging travel writer | SEO Proficient


You want to choose keywords that speak to your targeted audience. A fantastic way to find keywords is to scope out the job descriptions you wish to apply for and notice the trends. What keywords are they using repeatedly that surface to the top? 

For instance, if you search for job descriptions for chemical engineers, one of the key search words you may find is “Research & Development.”

Key Components 

  1. What is your professional identity?  Your current job title, degree program, or industry of interest may be listed here. Example: An MBA candidate specializing in finance.
  1. What do you have to offer? Your academic accomplishments, relevant coursework, internships, and extracurricular activities may be included here. Example: An award-winning writer and editor who loves to tell stories.
  1. What are your interests and goals? You may be interested in a specific job or industry, developing skills, or solving particular problems. Example: Helping startups grow using my financial expertise.

When it comes to membership on the LinkedIn network:

  • LinkedIn states there are more than 30 million students and recent grads on LinkedIn
  • Thirteen percent of millennials are on LinkedIn
  • More than 200,000 college students join LinkedIn every month

So when I tell you how important your headline is, I’m not kidding! 

Here Are Some Great Tips for Writing a Great LinkedIn Headline for Students

Be Specific

Don’t make generic or vague statements that don’t add any value. Instead, be specific about your skills, accomplishments, and aspirations.

Be Concise

220 characters are the maximum length for your headline. Therefore, put your attention on your unique value proposition and professional identity.

Verbs With Action

Energy and enthusiasm are conveyed through action verbs, along with a sense of accomplishment and leadership.

Personality Is a Plus

Consider adding humor or creativity to your headline if it suits your industry and targeted employers.

Optimize Your Headline for Your Goals

When you are a student, let your academic achievements and aspirations for your future career shine through. If you have recently graduated, you can highlight internships and entry-level positions you have had.

Consult With Others

If you’re unsure whether your LinkedIn headline effectively communicates your professional identity, ask your mentors, professors, or peers for feedback.


In the vast sea of LinkedIn profiles, your headline is the lighthouse guiding potential connections to your outstanding academic accomplishments. It piques recruiters’ interest, luring them to your profile with irresistible curiosity.

Remember, you’re not just a student but a rising star ready to make your mark on the world. Be a  shooting star in the LinkedIn galaxy. With a captivating headline, you’re a step closer to achieving your professional dreams.

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