LinkedIn Premium: Worth the Upgrade?

Unlock career doors with LinkedIn Premium, but is the investment worth it? Discover if the premium perks truly elevate your professional journey.

LinkedIn has become the premier network for connecting with professionals across diverse industries, searching for job opportunities, and learning about the business world. But did you know there’s a whole other world of LinkedIn beyond its free version? That world is LinkedIn Premium.

I’m wondering, however, if their pop-ups enticing you to join LinkedIn premium membership are annoying to you, or do they pique your curiosity? I think it’s fair to ask if the pop-ups are effective and if the cost is worth it. 

LinkedIn Premium, provided by LinkedIn, is a subscription-based service that grants access to extra features not available in the free version. Opting for the premium option entails gaining exclusive tools and insights, providing an elevated LinkedIn experience.

I’m sure you have some burning questions before you decide to up your membership status. For example, will you truly gain more visibility? Will it assist you in your job search or help you foster more useful connections? Would the cost be justified by the benefits you receive? 

To help sort out these questions, let’s dive deeply into the following:

  • Some insights and understanding of LinkedIn Premium
  • Why it can be highly beneficial if used correctly
  • How to choose the most suitable premium plan for you

LinkedIn Premium vs. Regular LinkedIn

Seeing Who Views Your Profile

LinkedIn Premium offers detailed insights into your profile visitors, providing names, job titles, and employers of those who viewed your profile in the last 90 days, enhancing networking and career opportunities.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Premium provides exclusive access to LinkedIn Learning, offering a variety of career-enhancing online courses, from management to IT software, acting as a valuable resource for expanding professional skills and exploring new fields of interest.


Exclusive messaging for Premium users on LinkedIn allows direct communication with non-connected individuals, a privilege unavailable to regular users. For example, if you find a job posting and wish to contact the hiring manager, InMail enables direct outreach, increasing the chances of securing job interviews.

LinkedIn Salary Insights

LinkedIn Salary Insights unveils industry average salaries, serving as a valuable benchmark for salary negotiations or understanding your market value. When considering a job offer, use this tool to ensure fair compensation by comparing it to industry standards.

LinkedIn Premium Plans and Their Benefits

  1. Premium Career

Cost: $39.99 per month


  • ‘Who’s Viewed My Profile’ feature 
  •  Email those with whom you are NOT connected through InMail
  •  Access to LinkedIn’s library of learning courses

This plan allows you to see not only who viewed your profile but also where they found you, what keywords they used to get to you, and even what industry they are from. Think about the advantages this holds! Tailor your profile to match your target audience.

  1. Premium Business

Cost: $59.99 per month ($44.99 per month if you opt for annual billing)


  • Great for professional and small to medium-sized companies
  • Provides insights into your business’s reach
  • Find job change alerts in your network

As a result, you can better connect with potential collaborators and stay competitive.

3. Sales Navigator Advanced

Cost: $149.00 per month


  •  Provides in-depth information about your prospects
  • Offers you lead recommendations that are personalized to your sales preferences

Helps to manage lead and pipeline focus and increases sales efficiency.

4. Recruiter Lite

Cost: $180.00 per month


  • Candidate tracking
  • Recruitment-specific insights
  • Surplus number of InMails

With Recruiter Lite, you can utilize the powerful Advanced Search tool to find the best-fit candidates more effectively.

There’s always the option to switch plans or return to the basic LinkedIn platform. Take advantage of the full advantages offered by each plan to ensure it’s a worthwhile investment.

Moreover, the prices for these plans are cheaper if you subscribe annually, while the prices for month-to-month subscriptions are higher.

Why Premium Career Could Change Your Career

With over 774 million LinkedIn users, the job market has never been more competitive; therefore, it’s imperative to distinguish your profile and make valuable connections in order to succeed.

Direct Access to Recruiters through InMail

One of the beauties of InMail is that it allows you to go directly to the source. Gone are the days of connecting with only those you know!  Contacting the hiring manager directly gives you a great edge when it comes to applying for a job.

Insights to Where You Stand as a Job Applicant

Your premium membership provides yet another bonus. It shows you comprehensive statistics on who’s viewing your profile and from where and lets you compare your qualifications with other applicants. You will see exactly how you stack up against your competition in regard to experience, education, and skills. Knowing this information can give you an idea as to whether you need to brush up on a skill or two.

Featured Applicant Feature

How about landing on top of the recruiter’s list? It’s possible you know through the featured applicant component with the premium membership.

LinkedIn Learning for Professional Development

If you need a refresher or plan to learn a new skill, LinkedIn Premium has you covered. Don’t forget to highlight them on your profile as a stand-out to recruiters.

If you are in transition or a competitive field, the features Premium provides are crafted to boost your job search and help you land not just any job but the right job for your career progression.

The Worthiness of LinkedIn Premium 

Deciding on LinkedIn Premium depends on your professional goals. The extra benefits may be valuable or unnecessary, based on your needs.

If you have a strong network or aren’t actively job hunting, these perks may not be as beneficial. 

Ultimately, the value of LinkedIn Premium is subjective and hinges on how well you can use its features. My advice: assess your professional needs, try the free trial, and determine if the cost truly adds value for you. If so, LinkedIn Premium is worth considering!

Tips To Take Full Advantage of LinkedIn Premium

I. Maximize InMail Usage

a. LinkedIn Premium feature

b. Send InMails to non-connected individuals

c. Reach out to potential employers, colleagues, thought leaders, and innovators

II. Utilize “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” Feature

a. Gain insights into profile visitors

b. Create informal connections

c. Message those who viewed your profile

d. Seek shared interests or networking opportunities

III. Leverage LinkedIn Learning

a. Access free LinkedIn Learning courses with Premium

b. Choose courses relevant to the job field or interests

c. Add completed course certificates to the profile

d. Learn essential skills such as data analysis and public speaking

IV. Masterful Use of Advanced Search Options

a. Job searching tool

b. Navigate the flooded job market

c. Zero in on relevant opportunities

V. Insights and Analysis

a. Utilize salary insights for better pay negotiation

b. Use job insights to understand employer values

c. Indispensable tools for career progression

LinkedIn Premium: Claim Your Spot in the Professional World

Step 1: Log into LinkedIn

Simply log into your LinkedIn account or select “join now” if you do not have an account and follow the instructions.

Step 2: Navigate to the Premium Page

Upon logging in, select your profile icon on the top right. Click “Access My Premium” or “Try Premium Free” if it is not visible.

Step 3: Choose Your Plan

Select the plan that is useful for you from the following:  Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite. Premium Career is best for most job seekers.

Step 4: Start Your Free Trial / Make a Payment

Typically, LinkedIn offers the first month for free, so Click “Start My Free Month.” Follow with your credit card information.  For those who cannot take advantage of the free trial, click “select and continue” to purchase the subscription.

Cancel your subscription before the trial ends to avoid charges, but you might discover that LinkedIn Premium’s benefits make it worth keeping. Try it to find out!

Other FAQs About LinkedIn Premium

  1. Can people tell if I have LinkedIn Premium?

Absolutely, and that is a good thing. Your Premium badge will make you attractive to employers, and it will let them know you are a serious networker.

  1. Can I switch between Premium plans?

Absolutely, once again. LinkedIn allows you to change your membership based on your career goals.

  1. Does LinkedIn Premium guarantee me a job?

LinkedIn Premium offers tools and insights for your job search but doesn’t guarantee employment. Success depends on your profile quality, networking, job applications, and relevant skills.

  1. What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

Cancel at any time. Your benefits will continue for the entire billing cycle, but you will not be charged for the next.

  1. If I’m unsure of my career path, can LinkedIn Premium help?

LinkedIn Premium provides diverse career courses for guidance, and the InMail feature connects you with professionals for insights on various career paths.

So, What Do You Think Is Best for You?

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for building your professional network and discovering job opportunities. Upgrading to LinkedIn Premium offers enhanced visibility, InMail messaging, and insights into roles and companies, turning possibilities into realities. 

While these features empower active engagement, it’s crucial to remember that LinkedIn Premium is a tool, not a guaranteed solution. Success depends on how effectively the user leverages its features.

So, what will it be, Premium or Regular?

For a bit more insight into LinkedIn’s offerings and advantages, visit our LinkedIn section soon!

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