Maximize Exposure: Find The Best Time to Post on LinkedIn

Unlock career success with strategic timing! Discover the prime moments to shine on LinkedIn and elevate your professional presence.

In addition to identifying the relevant target audience, you have created or curated content based on their interests, and translated this into a content calendar ensuring you always have something relevant to say – but something is missing.

If you want your LinkedIn content to be engaged, when should you post it?

Throughout the movie “Any Given Sunday,” Al Pacino states: “The inches we need are all around us. Whether it’s a half step late or too early, or a half second too slow or too fast, you won’t quite make it.”

Your LinkedIn post needs to reach the right people, in the right place, with the right intention, in the proper context, at the right time.

As a job seeker who relies on LinkedIn to connect with potential employers and network with professionals in your field, understanding the best times to post on this platform is crucial for maximizing visibility and engagement.

Let’s deconstruct the fog surrounding this subject, revealing the ideal times to post and how these timings can be tailored to individual needs and sectors.

LinkedIn’s Best Times To Post

Post on Weekdays Instead of Weekends

In general, weekday posts command more attention than weekend posts – with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday being particularly effective. Since LinkedIn is a site garnered by professionals, it stands to reason that they give more attention during the work day.

Post Before the Workday Begins

The ideal time to post on LinkedIn is as follows:

  • Wednesday’s 8-10 AM

  • Thursday’s 9 AM & 1-2 PM

  • Friday’s 9 AM

Lunch hours, just before the workday ends, and early evening can also be favorable. 

Timings Aren’t Set in Stone

Time your posts when users are likely on a break, scrolling through LinkedIn for updates, news, or networking. Audience preferences differ based on demographics, profession, and geography. There is no one size fits all.

LinkedIn Posting Times in the US on Different Days

Best Time To Post on Mondays

  •  9 -10 AM & 12 -1 PM

Best Time to Post on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

  • 7:30 – 8:30 AM

  • 12 -1 PM

  • 5 – 6 PM

Best Time To Post on Fridays

  • 9 -10 AM

  • 12 – 1 PM

Best Time To Post on the Weekends

  • 12 PM

While these suggested timings serve as a valuable foundation, it’s important not to treat them as universal rules. Your audience might have varying online habits, so conducting experiments with different posting times will enable you to discover the most effective schedule for engaging with your target audience.

LinkedIn Posting Times Based on Sector

Tech Industry

Many folks in the tech industry tend to burn the midnight oil. A well-timed post in the evening just might be perfect timing. Alternatively, an early morning post may be timed well if they are scanning LinkedIn prior to beginning their day.

Education Professionals

Teachers, academics, or administrators’ prime time is typically early morning or late afternoon when their day is winding down. Posting at these times will give your post the best chance of being seen and engaged with.

Healthcare Sector

In the healthcare industry, engagement patterns are more variable due to shifts in the industry. Your posting timings could be optimized, however, if healthcare professionals have more downtime to engage with your posts early in the morning or late at night.

Finance Sector

Finance people tend to be early risers. Therefore, appealing to them is best early to mid morning while they are catching up on the market statistics.

Entrepreneurial or Startup Sectors

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs don’t have a 9-5 schedule, which means you might capture their attention throughout the day, although early mornings, early afternoons, and late evenings are ideal times to talk with them.

It is important to take note of your audience’s behavior, rather than relying solely on general trends to determine your strategy.

Reviewing Different Sources on LinkedIn Posting Times


Hootsuite, a trusted social media management platform, recommends posting professional content on LinkedIn between 7:45 AM and 10:45 AM, Tuesday through Thursday, aligning with the start of the workday when users are likely to engage.

Sprout Social

This social media analytics player recommends focusing on Wednesdays at 9-10 AM and noon, as well as Fridays at 9 AM for optimal LinkedIn engagement, likely due to increased activity at the start of the workday or during midday breaks.


Considering Coschedule’s input, a top marketing calendar tool, optimal timing is identified as Tuesdays to Thursdays, 9-11 AM, emphasizing professionals’ peak activity in the early work hours.

Keeping an eye on your own analytics and understanding these different perspectives will help you post content at optimal times.

LinkedIn Posting Time Considerations

Understanding Your Audience

Tailor your outreach timing: HR professionals are busiest early and late in the workweek, so midweek posts are effective. CEOs often check LinkedIn in the morning or late at night when their workday slows down. I think you now understand that each profession has optimal viewing times at different times throughout the day.

The Nature of Your Content

Consider your post content: In-depth articles may be more effective in the evening for busy professionals, while short inspirational quotes could perform well during lunch breaks for a quick morale boost.

The Objectives of Your Post

In order to achieve maximum engagement, take into account the overall user activity information that we have. For example, if you are trying to fill a job vacancy, you will need to post your job vacancy at a time when job seekers are most likely to be active, such as evening.

Analyzing Past Performance

Check out LinkedIn data on when your posts have received the most engagement and look for patterns. If you see that engagement spikes around 10 AM on Tuesdays, stick to that timing going forward.

You can optimize your LinkedIn posting time by understanding your audience, combining practical data insights, and embracing a little trial and error.

Personalized Advice on Choosing the Best Posting Time

  • Experiment – Try the overall best time suggestions and then tweak it for when you see a spike in activity.
  • Review and Adjust – Stay tuned in to when you see the most engagement because you may see a pattern developing.

If your network changes or market trends shift, keep an open mind and stay adaptable.

Factors Affecting the Best Posting Times on LinkedIn

User Behavior

The typical workday hours are when LinkedIn is on fire. However, there could be a shift in workday norms, such as we saw with COVID-19. 

LinkedIn Algorithm Updates

LinkedIn constantly adjusts post visibility in the feed to prioritize valuable content. Algorithm changes may affect post visibility and engagement, so staying informed helps you adjust your posting strategy.

Events, Trends, and Public Holidays

Global events, trends, and public holidays have the potential to impact engagement patterns. For example, heightened activity on LinkedIn may occur during major conferences or events, with attendees and the broader professional community displaying increased engagement during atypical periods.

Role of Influencers

When your post is shared or liked by a LinkedIn influencer, engagement can skyrocket. This is a nice problem to have!

LinkedIn’s Worst Times and Why

LinkedIn engagement drops after 5 PM and on weekends when professionals shift to personal time. Posting during these periods may result in lower visibility and interactions for your content.

On weekends, LinkedIn sees fewer users as professionals tend to disconnect from work and prioritize personal or family time instead of engaging on the platform.

Don’t ignore weekends, however; utilize Sunday evenings to connect with professionals entering the work mindset. Understand your audience and share fitting content for optimal posting.

Recommended Frequency for LinkedIn Posts

In addition to knowing when to post on LinkedIn, there is still a question – how often should you do it? This question is just as important as the previous ones since finding the right balance is crucial. It is important to maintain visibility and engage your network without wasting too much time in their feed.

Best practices suggest posting on LinkedIn 2-5 times per week. This isn’t set in stone – consistency is key. 

If you can only manage to post one quality post per week, that’s perfectly fine. Your LinkedIn followers have come to expect and anticipate your content. It is better to share impactful content once a week rather than mediocre content more frequently.

Excessive posting, beyond around 20 times per month, can decrease engagement. This may cause “content fatigue” among followers, leading to reduced interactions or even unfollows.

No strict rule exists, but finding the sweet spot involves balancing regular, consistent posts with high-quality content that connects with your network. Focus on this balance to enhance your LinkedIn presence!

Stay the Course

Overall, these recommendations can be used as a starting point, but you can iterate based on your personal analysis and experiences. Adaptability, just like in our careers, is key.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. Just like a rewarding career, building a significant presence on LinkedIn is not a sprint but a journey.

For additional assistance, visit our LinkedIn section.

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