Do You Work With Integrity and Positivity?

Do You Work With Integrity and Positivity?

Do You Work With Integrity and Positivity?You may be thinking of pursuing opportunities outside your current employer organization, or perhaps you’re wanting a promotion where you’re at! TalentKeepers, a reputable firm providing employee-retention solutions, conducted research on what leads people to join, as well as leave, an organization. The top three reasons people join an organization by priority, are:

  • Organizational factors (pay, benefits, reputation)
  • Job factors (duties, schedule, training)
  • Leader factors (trustworthy, coach, flexible)

What’s really interesting is that these priorities are reversed when people leave an organization. Cited as the top reason people leave an organization is LEADER FACTORS.

What are the takeaways from this research?

  • First, when making a career move, go the extra mile in learning about how your boss manages. You may decide it’s a deal-breaker if your manager-to-be (either in an internal or outside move) isn’t trustworthy, isn’t flexible, or doesn’t operate from a coaching mindset.
  • Second, as you move forward in your career, you will often have the opportunity to manage people (if you don’t already). Your success in talent retention will align closely with your trustworthiness, ability to be flexible, and inclination toward coaching.

Here are some reflections to ponder and gauge your integrity, positivity and trustworthiness in the work world. They are aimed at addressing these two points:

  • I keep my word.
  • My managers, peers, customers, vendors, etc. trust me.

Which of these are true for you? And if so, can you expand on why or how they are true?

  • When a situation is murky in terms of ethics, I take the honorable route and do what is right.
  • I do not take credit for others’ ideas or work.
  • I regularly try to do a great job, not just an okay job.
  • I accept compliments for a well-done job, and do not disagree with or ignore that compliment out of embarrassment or incorrect humility.
  • If there is a difference of opinion, I don’t insist that others agree with me, but purposefully try to understand their perspective.
  • If I make a mistake – either intentional or unintentional – I quickly admit it and do not try to push accountability to other people or some other factor.
  • I would not be regretful of any conversations I’ve had if they were to have been recorded or documented.
  • I have a reputation for delivering my work or projects on or before the deadline.
  • I am resilient and adapt to change positively and quickly.
  • I easily adapt to other work assignments.
  • My mindset sees possibilities first versus problems. I see opportunities versus barriers.
  • My supervisors and colleagues would describe me as optimistic, generally upbeat, and enjoyable to work with.
  • I care and think about how my actions will affect or be perceived by others.
  • I offer to help others when they need it, without compromising the quality of my individual productivity.
  • I prepare for meetings by reviewing the agenda, thinking of solutions to issues, and having needed information ready.
  • When a manager or coworker asks me for information, I think about why the information is needed and offer additional resources that might be helpful.
  • I am respectful of my employer’s physical space and time. I never take items that are not returned, and I don’t use employer time for personal activities.

Here’s another brainstorming tip to gauge your integrity and positivity work reputation:

  • Think of a person whom you admire and respect very much. This might be someone you know or someone you don’t know. It could be a great business or political leader, author, community activist, tireless volunteer, and so on. This person may be living or deceased. Choose someone whose approval you would be proud to have. Now, pretend this person will see every product you create, every email you write, and every word you speak. Would your “invisible boss” be proud of you on a day-to-day basis?

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